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January 19, 2021 3 min read

JANUARY 19, 2021

From Baby Blankets to Fur Alpacas- 3 Benefits of Investing in Unisex Gifts for Your Nursery

Whether you’re waiting to find out the sex of your baby or looking to put gender norms behind you, there are benefits- beyond the aesthetic- of building a gender-neutral nursery. And it all starts with the gifted baby blanket!

How a Baby Blanket Can Promote a Gender-Neutral Environment

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine was trying to pick out the perfect gift for her sister’s new nursery. But the couple is waiting to find out the sex of the baby.

“I really want to gift them a baby blanket though… how do I know which colour to get?”

I’m happy to say that pink and blue, while very cute traditional colours, are absolutely up for grabs by everyone.

No longer do we live in a time where colour is tied to a single gender.

Feel free to get that blue blanket for your sister’s baby girl, or the pink for her new son!

The gifts you choose for your baby’s nursery should be meaningful- but don’t underestimate the benefits of a gender-neutral environment.

What exactly, then, is the importance of this baby blanket?

Simply put: It’s a reminder that your baby is loved!

So while your little one is cozy, all wrapped up in their blanket, here are 3 more benefits to wrap your head around in gifting your friend unisex toys for their nursery.

Demystifying the Baby Blanket: 3 Benefits of Investing in Unisex Gifts for Your Nursery

1. Promotes Increased Self-Esteem in Children

  • Studies show that being raised gender-neutral leads to increased self-confidence in children. Allowing your kids the freedom of choice to decide their gender-identity promotes a healthy level of self-awareness and encourages individual expression.
  •    So the blanket you choose to swaddle your little one with has less to do with colour, and more to do with warmth!

Colour of baby blanket most suitable for your child: ANY ONE YOU WANT.

2. Familiarizes Children with Various Gender-Identities

  • Cultivating a gender-neutral environment does not constitute eradicating the concept of gender! Don’t eliminate it, but rather reduce the importance of it.
  • Exposure to opposing social norms is a healthy way to teach kids how to understand that which is different from them. And by offering up options- say a pink blanket for a boy, or a blue blanket for a girl- your child has the liberty to choose which identity resonates most with them.

Allow for the possibility that thesurprise can lead toinspiration

Colour of baby blanket most suitable for your child: ANY ONE YOU WANT.

3. All Toys are Unisex

  •    At the end of the day, toys have no gender. And neither do baby blankets- pink, blue or otherwise! Investing in unisex gifts for your nursery is a safe bet when it comes to avoiding gender stereotypes, and making a lasting investment in a toy that never goes out of style.
  •    Any unisex gift for your nursery can be passed on for generations to come- no matter one’s gender-identification!
  •    That’s what we call classic home décor.

Colour of baby blanket most suitable for your child: ANY ONE YOU WANT.

“It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals.” – Emma Watson, HeForShe Ambassador

A Timeless Gift: It All Comes Back to the Unisex Baby Blanket

Establishing gender-neutral ideals right from infancy is argued by many to be effective in avoiding the introduction of bias and stereotype during a child’s formative years.


But it’s not to say you shouldn’t buy a pink blanket for your little one- just that you’re not prohibited from buying it should you have a boy, or gender-neutral child, either!


Colours are for everyone! Of every generation.


So whether you’re hoping to offer up the most timeless gift for your girlfriend’s newborn, or decorating your own nursery, you can never go wrong with an inspired and well-designed unisex blanket.

Pokoloko’s Crinkle Cotton Baby Blanket

Decorate your baby’s nursery with our unisex standing fur alpaca and crinkle cotton baby blanket. It comes in pink baby, blue baby, and natural baby for the 21st century family with gender-non-conforming ideals… and those just waiting on the surprise!


Written by Katelyn Wells, BA Media Production, Poko Blogger

Katelyn is a local freelance copywriter with a passion for the environment.She currently lives in Toronto, Ontario where she spends her mornings on the mat, youtube-ing how to avoid yoga injuries.