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November 20, 2020 3 min read

NOVEMBER 20, 2020

Why We Use Lyocell (The Ethical Fibre) in Our Pillow & Throw Collections

Our focus today is on one of our feature fibres: LYOCELL! Learn how this textile is made ethically in Turkey and why we use it in our classic pillow and throw blankets.

Why You Need to Know About Lyocell

Investing in an ethical closet means committing to doing research on the clothing companies you buy from.

But ensuring your clothes are ethically made goes beyond the manufacturing.

For you as a consumer, requiring transparency in the production process should also go hand in hand with understanding the materials with which your clothing is made.

Today we’re featuring one of our ethical fibres: Lyocell.

Lyocell: Soft on the Skin and Perfect for Skin Sensitivities

Lyocell is a fibre of extreme softness. It’s most valued for its smoothness and ability to drape flatteringly over any figure. The benefit of using lyocell in our pillow and throw blankets comes in the form of its ultra-soft hand feel.


Lyocell’s smooth fibre surface feels supple and gentle- making it great for even newborn babies!


This superior fibre boasts incredible wicking abilities to keep the skin dry, making it the perfect choice for those with skin sensitivities.


Lyocell is also another name for the well-known material Tencel.


So have you heard of this exceptional fibre before? Probably not.


But here’s why you should have!

Why We Use Lyocell in Our Pillows and Blankets

1. Lyocell is Ethically Made

Lyocell production, on average, requires:


  •    less energy
  •    dye
  •    and water


than the production of other fabrics. And because lyocell is a naturally-derived fibre it is alsobiodegradable. Which means that while we’re taking natural elements from the earth for manufacturing purposes, in the end we also get to return them!

2. Lyocell Minimizes Harmful Waste

Explaining how lyocell is manufactured can be a confusing process for those of us unfamiliar with textile production … but stay with us!


In the lyocell production process, there are petrochemical solvents used to turn the wood pulp base into fibre. But this process is a closed-loop, which means that the chemicals can be recycled over and over again, which minimizes harmful waste.

3. Lyocell is Less Susceptible to Bacterial Growth

Some of our exclusive pillow and throw collections are woven using this soft and luxurious fibre. The collection’s composition is plant-based, blended with cotton, linen, and lyocell. Lyocell has a breathable texture less susceptible to bacteria growth and odour.


So your pillows will stay fresh for longer!


“Once people become knowledgeable and passionate about ecological issues and see how their day-to-day actions impact the future, they don’t go back.”
– Saloni, EcoEnclose

Where Can You Get a Pillow & Throw Made with Lyocell?

Our Chelsea collection features a matching set of pillows and throw blankets made from an exclusive combination of cotton, linen and lyocell.


Upgrade your space with the Chelsea Biscuit Throw and pair it with a cozy favourite: the Chelsea Biscuit Pillow!


Ultra-soft and luxurious in texture, you’ll find yourself elevating your space with minimal effort!

Why Lyocell Home Decor Will Elevate Your Space

Our Tara Lumbar Pillow is a beautiful, and classic style lumbar cushion made to bring an heirloom-quality luxe-ness to your space.


Our line of lyocell-woven pillows and throws are also made exclusively with soft colours.


So no matter the style you choose, the soft colours will complement any space while providing beautiful visual texture.


Take Your Pick From Our Pokoloko Lyocell Collection

Add a classic touch to your home and pick up a matchingpillow and throw set- made ethically using lyocell! Strong and durable, your design aesthetic will be thanking you for this fibre’s soft-touch!

Written by Katelyn Wells, BA Media Production, Poko Blogger

Katelyn is a local freelance copywriter with a passion for the environment.She currently lives in Toronto, Ontario where she spends her mornings on the mat, youtube-ing how to avoid yoga injuries.