Artisanal little luxuries, with big impact

We believe an object can elevate both beholder and maker. In a world of mass-produced goods, we offer artisan-made home and apparel crafted in fair-trade environments from around the globe. We strive to live fully, slow down to enjoy life’s little luxuries, and choose everyday to create a world connecting maker, owner and earth.

Once you put on a pair of good-quality socks, you will settle for nothing less for your feet.

We traveled South to work with Peru's infamous Pima cotton and partnered with local Peruvian farmers and makers to create a series of custom-made, premium Pima cotton socks.

Pokoloko Pima cotton is an exceptional, luxurious, hand-harvested fiber that boasts pure, unparalleled cotton quality. Pima cotton is pile-resistant, ultra-durable, remarkably soft, hypoallergenic, breathable, and moisture-wicking.

Our collection includes patterned socks for those seeking a little added style, and classic, rolled-top beauties for the more conservative feet.

We hope you find joy and comfort in our quality collection, and that Poko socks allow your feet to feel as cared for as they surely deserve.

From July 13th to 31st when you buy 1 pair of Pima socks, we will donate 1 pair to the Odawa Native Friendship Centre's Reaching Home Program.

Our goal is 50 pairs by July 31st.Help us reach it, your purchase has power.