Artisanal little luxuries, with big impact

We believe an object can elevate both beholder and maker. In a world of mass-produced goods, we offer artisan-made home and apparel crafted in fair-trade environments from around the globe. We strive to live fully, slow down to enjoy life’s little luxuries, and choose everyday to create a world connecting maker, owner and earth.


We live in a world of cheap and fast goods. But we believe your personal lifestyle deserves a better story and a greater purpose. We work directly with skilled artisans to create modern home and apparel products crafted to elevate your everyday, align with your values, and give back. We provide unique access to the some of the world's oldest techniques blended with a keen sense for modern global design, and an exceptional standard of quality. Like you, we are seekers of beauty in all things, we are endless global adventurers, and we expect more from our supply chains. We invite you - the artists, the explorers, the daydreamers - to accompany us on an unending, evolving journey of creative change.


These are the core values leading every step we take:



Pokoloko goods are designed to last. They are luxe quality rooted in ancient, cultural craft perfected and developed from generations of knowledge. Our business practice is deeply creative. At our core is a commitment to an exploration of art and the imagination informed by the past and manifested in the present.
Pokoloko works directly with over 100 independent artisan partners in 6 countries on 4 continents. Our unique relationships are real, our artisans are our friends and partners, we care about their economic and social stability, and as we grow, they do too. Our collaboration with these master artisans serves to empower their culture, preserve their heritage, contribute to their local community's development and traditional knowledge, and share their work with a global audience.



We believe in, and are a direct result of, the empowering potential of small business. We provide long-term, respectful, and consistent employment to artisans who do not live with the advantages of infrastructure and opportunities. We facilitate global networks for artisans without access to organized selling platforms. We micro-finance the purchasing of tools and equipment to support our supplier partners in growing their own businesses. Through our commitment to self-determined fair wages, business education, safe and healthy working environments, and micro-financing, our artisan partners are able to increase their capacity to build, and they're able to take their own businesses to new places.
On Canadian soil, Pokoloko has created rewarding and exciting employment for 8 young people in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, as well as a collection of sales representatives, contractors, and part-time support. It is our consistent and evolving effort to give back to our communities at home and abroad, to our wild spaces and greater environment, that drives our ideas and our growth. Meet our home team here.



Community empowerment is a major focus for us, we are always asking the question: "How can we serve our community at home and abroad?" Our supply chains honor the fair trade principles of no child labor, no forced labor, and no discrimination. We stand for fair payment for goods and services, freedom of association, gender equity, and healthy working conditions. Several of our partner artisan groups are female-led, often in cooperatives, which affords them self-determining governance and more control over their own lives and careers. In Peru, we work with a group of female sewers and embroiderers who have been victims of domestics and sexual violence. Our work with them supports their ability to create a higher quality of life so they can self-sufficiently protect themselves from exposure to dangerous environments. Many of our artisan partners are small-scale, family-based operations with only a few refurbished machines in their backyard workshops, and our work with them has allowed them to expand their tools, and technical and creative abilities.
At home we are focused on partnering with fellow small businesses and like-minded organizations promoting our shared core values with full transparency. We are sincerely dedicated to our customers and boutique retail partners across North America, our service to them is at the forefront of our operation. You may find the Poko retail partner closest to you here. We always welcome any ideas for collaboration and feedback, feel free to get in touch here.



In today's world, we are more aware than ever of our ecological footprint. Ethical environmental practices remain the forefront priority of our design. In addition to a re-investment into our master artisans and their cultural craft, we are constantly analyzing our product development and business practices to ensure they are a reflection of our commitment to the natural world for which we are extremely grateful.
We use sustainable, upcycled, and natural materials throughout our collections with a focus on regional materials sourced from the artisan's own home landscapes. We commit and contribute to the idea of conscious consumerism in which goods are purchased selectively, and are expected to last. Wherever possible we transport goods by sea instead of air, as the air pollution from plane can cause significant more environmental damage than sea transport. We are in the process of eliminating single-use plastics from our packaging which includes eliminating packaging entirely where possible. Our goal is to have all packaging be made from 100% recycled or compostable material, and we are nearly there.



Adventure is what drives our passion. We travel the globe seeking new experiences and unforgettable wonders. The sharing of culture and unification through art is something we've witnessed bring meaningful connection and significant positive impact to the world, and we want to share that with you. The long journeys to remote villages, the constant search for ancient arts, the determined sourcing for the best materials, the translation of languages from across continents -- these are trips we take every day. We are all rooted in our beginnings and knitted into our immediate, but also part of a much greater whole that brings us inspiration, enrichment, and wisdom. Let's explore together all of the endless little corners of the world.