Round 2: Social Media Manager & Content Creator

Congratulations! You have been advanced to Round 2 of our hiring process for Poko's Social Media Manager & Content Creator position! Thank you very much for your time and interest in applying. There are 3 rounds total in this hiring process. The next round, Round 2, is a testing round for analytics and content creation. Please note that we will not use the content created for this hiring process in any way without your written permission. We are requesting content creation only for the purpose of evaluating your content creation abilities. The final Round 3 is an interview. Please read the below, and complete and submit the below Round 2 requirements via the below form, in order to be considered for the next Round 3. We will notify you whether you advanced to Round 3 or not within 3 days of your Round 2 submission due date. 

Round 2 Requirements: Analyze and use the Instagram and Facebook data we provided you below in order to create a social media strategy and a week-long social media calendar for Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok with 6 pieces of content, using a combination of content that you create as well as the images and Brand Guide we are providing you linked below. 

We would like to know what your strategy would be for the next week moving forward after reading this data. Your goals to keep in mind are to increase audience and engagement, understand which posts perform best, what times of day work best for posting, which hashtags are performing the best, and what topics are resonating with our audience. We will be basing our criteria on the thoughtfulness in your approach, your general knowledge of social media tactics and best practices, as well as your structure in your proposed strategy. The social areas of focus are Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. What ideas do you have? What types of content should we make? What themes should we stick to? 

Then, apply your data analysis to create a week-long content calendar for how you are going to achieve your suggested goals. Using your own content, the content in the Dropbox link provided, and the Brand Guide provided, make a week-long calendar with the following posts: 

  • 1 video reel with caption and hashtags, using clothing you already have, as if it is the Crinkle Apparel piece, purposed for Instagram and for TikTok
  • 1 feed post with caption and hashtags, purposed for Instagram and for Facebook
  • 1 feed post with a giveaway of a product, caption and hashtags, purposed for Instagram and for Facebook   

      = 3 posts for Instagram, 1 post for TikTok, and 2 posts for Facebook, in the calendar

The context for this content is this: we’re launching a new Crinkle Apparel piece this week. Tell us where you’d place these types of content on the calendar leading up to the launch. Use a garment of your own to make the mock reel. 

Based on what you’ve learned about our brand so far, please feel free to be creative! Think outside the box, while still aligning with our brand's values, mission, aesthetic vision, and messaging.

The last 7 days of Facebook and Instagram data, as well as the Dropbox link with imagery and the Poko Brand Guide, are HERE. Please use these assets for your content, and please use the Brand Guide to create content that is aligned with Pokoloko’s brand. We understand if the content creation tools you are using don't allow you to follow our brand guide exactly. We would love to see you in front of the camera! 

Please submit your strategy and calendar in a document or PDF, and your 6 pieces of content, via the form below

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns any time.

Thank you very much for your time, sincerely, Jessie