Round 2: Social Media Marketing Manager

Congratulations on making it to the Testing Round 2! We’re so happy you’re here.

In Round 2, we will be testing for creative ability, as well as analytical and technical skills. Please fill out the form below and submit the following content attached to the form:

2 Tik Toks

1 Feed Post

1 Story

2 Reels

Total = 6  pieces of content

Create a free Canva account to make your content in or use a creative platform of your own. If creating a free Canva account, we understand if you can’t use the brand guidelines exactly as it does not have the same features as Pro, so just do your best.

Here’s a link to a shared Dropbox folder, please use these assets for your content. Our Brand Guide PDF is available at this Dropbox link. Please use the Poko brand guide to create content that is aligned with Pokoloko’s vision. We would love to see you in front of the camera. 

Based on what you’ve learned about our brand so far, please feel free to be creative! Think outside the box, while still aligning with our brand's values, mission, aesthetic vision, and messaging.

Good luck! And thank you!

xo The Poko Team