coconut button alpaca wrap

what happens when you place big coconut buttons with premium leather fasteners on our beautifully woven alpaca?  you get the coconut button wrap!  all of it's variations feather beautiful colours with carefully selected yarns.

Designed in collaboration with a family of indigenous artisans who live in the volcanic Andean mountain range.  This product is part of our Artisan Alpaca Series and connects you to their long textile tradition.  Stronger than mohair, smoother than silk, finer than cashmere and warmer than wool.  Non-itchy, breathable, light-weight, water-repellant, hypoallergenic.  Hand-loomed and fair-trade.  Enjoy this alpaca product: the Fibre of the Gods!

  • Material 
    • 70% Alpaca & 30% Synthetic
    • Coconut Buttons
    • Premium leather fasteners
  • Size  
    • 24" W x 76 " L
    • One size fits most
  • Wash
    • Hand wash with mild soap or machine wash on cold, delicate cycle.  
    • Do not ring, scrunch, stretch or twist.
    • Hang to Dry.
    • Dry cleaning recommended 
  • Maintain
    • Groom with light brush in direction of fibre.
    • Can iron in same direction on low setting.