Top 10 Ways To Use Your Turkish Towel

Top 10 Ways To Use Your Turkish Towel

Make the most of your Turkish towel and discover its many uses just waiting for you to take advantage of!

Turkish Towels are the Superior Cotton

With its durable and light-weight design, Turkish towels make for the most versatile of textiles.

Also known as "fouta" (the word for towels in Tunisia) or "pestemal" (the word for towel in Turkish), Turkish towels were originally used in Turkish bathhouses (hammams) back in the 17th century.

Over the years, these towel designs have come to be known for their countless uses.

Whether you’re stepping out of the shower or lounging in the sun, your Turkish towel is a superior choice to any regular cotton alternative because of its fibrous integrity.

Its long fibres make your Turkish towel quick-drying and highly absorptive. These handwoven, artisan-made towels are also made to last.

So you can feel confident that when it comes to your home décor, you’ve chosen a long-lasting and durable staple useful for all seasons.

But did you know Turkish towels have uses far beyond simply drying you off?

Take a look below at all the ways in which your Poko Turkish towel can benefit you!


10 Ways to Use a Turkish Towel

1. As a Towel (Duh!)

If we didn’t start this list off with the most obvious use, it wouldn’t make much sense.

Larger than a typical bath towel, Poko Turkish towels are generously sized to fully wrap around your body. They’re the perfect fit for right after the shower, or hopping out of the pool.


2. As a Yoga Mat

The durability of the fabric, and its unique ability to ‘wick away’ dirt and liquid (like sweat!), make the Poko Turkish towels a wonderful alternative to your traditional yoga mat.


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3. As a Beach/Picnic Blanket

Easily used both indoors and outdoors, Turkish cotton repels grass and sand. This “wicking away” feature makes Turkish towels the perfect portable picnic blanket and accessory for a day at the beach, or an afternoon in the park.



4. As a Scarf

Made with 100% natural materials, our Turkish towels are great chic alternatives to your average wool scarf. Soft and gentle on the skin, Turkish cotton is perfect for those with wool sensitivities.

Ditch those scratchy woollen fabrics, and create a vibe that is elegant, contemporary, luxe and coastal! Wear your towel as a scarf and dress up even the simplest of outfits.

5. As a Lumbar Support Roll

Whether you’re on the road or stretching out your back on the living room floor, you can roll up your Turkish towel and use it as lumbar support for your lower back. Not only are we taking care of your fashion sense, but our towels are great for supporting your physical body, too!

6. As a Throw Blanket

The soft and luxurious feel of our Turkish towels makes for a perfect throw at the end of your bed, or across the back of your couch. Browse our collection to find the aesthetic that’s right for you and add a touch of design to your space!


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7. As a Tablecloth

Turkish towels make for great table clothes because of their expansive size and ease of laundering. Whether you’re setting the table for family dinner, or looking to upgrade your home lifestyle, try using your Turkish towel to protect from spills and crumbs.

8. As a Wrap/Meditation Shawl

The calming effect of wrapping yourself up in one of our Turkish towels makes them perfect as meditation shawls. Choose from one of our beautiful and unique styles and wear your Turkish towel as a wrap!

9. As a Baby Swaddle

Swaddle your newborn by gently wrapping your little one in our luxuriantly soft Turkish towels! Your family deserves a soft touch, and thankfully Turkish towels become softer and more absorbent over time with frequent use and proper care.

10. As a Tapestry

The large size of our towels makes for a great tapestry choice to be hung in any room of your home! Whether you’re redecorating the living room, or changing up the feel of your bedroom, you’ll find an array of design options to match your home aesthetic.

“Good design is a sustainable design.”

- Imran Amed, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of The Business of Fashion

Your Turkish Towel is an On-The-Road Multi-Purpose Fabric

Travel and storage-friendly, Turkish towels are compact and lightweight.

But did you know that they’re also naturally antibacterial? That means no more musty smell, and your towels will dry 30% faster than those manufactured from regular cotton.

You can roll them up to fit easily in a closet, suitcase, gym bag, backpack, tote, and more.


No matter the need, your Turkish towel has got you covered!


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Grab Your Own Poko Turkish Towel

If you’re ready to get your hands on one of our softest and most elegant home décor pieces, check out our collection of ethically sourced Pokoloko Turkish towels!

Or if you’re gifting one to a friend, get creative and substitute your artisan-made Turkish towel for wrapping paper! This multi-purpose fabric allows you to get inventive. :)


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    I have 2 towels and I really like them. I didnt get the matching hand towels though. I will be ordering more pokoloko items, thank you 😊

  • tara

    I absolutely love the Turkish towels I bought at Pokoloco! After having some for many years, many washes, many adventures, they are SUPER soft… and just get better with time. They dry me off well after a shower and dry quickly. In the summer, they are THE best at the beach… can’t express how much I really like these towels!

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