It's on the backroads we discover
the richness and beauty of life.

Let us share what we've found so far.

Pokoloko curates unique high-quality artisanal goods from around the world, for the home and life of thoughtful consumers who like to collect and give beautiful and meaningful items.

Unlike big box supply chains, POKO products are ethically traded through personal travel adventures — each item has a story that enriches all by connecting maker, collector and earth.

Our Mission

When you look closely at our goods, you’ll see the quality of the hands who’ve made them, influenced by the region in which they’re made. They’re crafted with stories from there and here.

Our Artisans

An artisan, in our eyes, is at the heart of what we offer you.

What it means to be a POKO

Relationship Focused

We are not here to pressure our artisans to give us the cheapest price, only to abandon them if we can find a larger operation providing the same thing for cheaper. We focus on long-term relationships, allowing the artisans to set their price with the sustainability of their business in mind. 

Lifting up our partners

This includes our wholesale community, our neighbours and our artisans (and you!). We value collaboration over competition, we believe in sharing business growth together, and supporting the capacity to develop & evolve as a collective. 

Connecting maker, owner & earth

Stories equate to connection and understanding. Knowing the story of the material reminds us of the product's beginnings; the maker, the hands that created it; your purchase highlights our shared values.

Beauty in traditions

This means working with materials that the artisans choose and have access to, with relevance to their environment, their heritage & culture, and their community. Through generations, many artisans have been taught their craft. 

Environmental advocates

As a climate neutral business, we are constantly seeking new ways to innovate our sustainability practices - this is our social responsibility and commitment for the planet & all that grow on it. Packaging, material sourcing, shipping, it can all add up. This is why we plant trees to offset our (and your) carbon footprint.

Honouring our responsibility

Whether it's the socio-economic development of the artisans and their communities we work with (for example: interest-free microloans) or giveback products or campaigns; we believe that if we have a platform, it is way more fulfilling to use it for the good of our local and global neighbours.

The POKO backstory

The romantic start to an idealistic vision

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"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."

-Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken

The POKO team


What makes me absolutely love what I do is watching our Canadian team, our artisans, and our retail partners grow alongside Poko. We are able to create interesting roles, support artisan entrepreneurs worldwide, and be a part of successful boutiques across North America. My favourite Poko product are the Wave Robe set, because of its unique, smooth, and beautiful waffle-like texture. 



I really love seeing the work of Poko support artisans around the world in positive and tangible ways. For example, our Ecuadorian artisan partners are long-time friends of ours, and our business with them has supported their purchase of a home and small backyard factory with now 3 weaving machines. My favourite Poko product is no doubt the Fisherman Hat - it is hands down the perfect beanie. 

fisherman hat


It's a privilege to create exciting marketing campaigns that support small business, and offer our artisan partners socio-economic development and opportunities. At the beginning and end of each day at Poko, I know the work I've done has been put towards a better planet. My favourite Poko product is the Crinkle Balloon Dress, easy to slip on for lounge, errands, and easily dressed up!

Crinkle Balloon Dress


My day to day is always changing, always evolving and I get front row seats watching the process of a simple idea grow into a nationwide business. Every day is different, and it is a constant adventure. Love my Frenchie Pima Socks! Ultimate style, comfort and warmth. Awesome all year round. #teamfrenchie



It's great working with our lovely Poko customers while providing them with Fair Trade, long lasting products. I love the Heirloom Throw, it's so soft!



I get so stoked talking to customers about the ethics + versatility of our products! I also love working with my team to develop meaningful ways to make an impact and give back. My organic net eco bag is my favourite - it reminds me of my goal to shop sustainably and organically where I can. Plus, it’s so cute!



My role touches many parts of the Poko world, so I love seeing how things fit together and how everyone on the team (from suppliers to the operations crew and beyond) collaborates to make magic! The Net Eco Bags are my favourite because they are so functional + versatile! Mostly I love that they fit my massive lunch, which is extremely important.

organic net eco bags


Undoubtedly, the best part about working at Poko is spending the days with my kowokos (co-workers). We have fun and I think that translates into the work we do. My favourite product is the Standing Alpaca. Its softness, its poise, the quiet abyss of its dark, watchful eyes. I named mine 2paca! #Pokolife #Cargobae

fur standing alpaca


I love being part of the energetic team with a mission of keeping Pokoloko products on store shelves. What’s in demand? The orders reveal all. My favourite Poko product is the lace cover-up. Its pattern and feel is so feminine.

lace cover-up


I love the creative process of exploring and expanding an idea keeps my brain happy! Plus - I'm always learning something new! My favourite products are the Poko towels - I use them every every damn day & take them everywhere.



I love working in our Westboro retail shop! I get to talk about my favourite products with a great community of people! I love my Poko towel it's perfect for camping and outdoors!

poko towels


Love the AWESOME team/fun vibes in the warehouse & the good feels that come with working for a company that holds such a high focus on fair-trade, ethical and sustainable environmental practices. My fav Poko product is a tie between my fisherman hats (black & pine) and circulation socks - the alpaca is so cozy, warm and breathable (so never too hot!)

fisherman hat