The Poko Backstory

A lifestyle all about living fully, slowing down to enjoy life's little luxuries

While the gold, stick-shift station wagon was on its last legs, the Poko beginnings were just starting....

Co-founder Jessie Lyon had just come home to Ottawa, Canada from a year in Nicaragua where she helped a youth group start a bike rental service. Not long after, she met Co-founder Case Bakker. 

With a shared value of fair trade principles, travel and their complementary business strengths, Case suggested they start their own conscious business selling blankets made by his Ecuadorian artisan friends whom he met on a recent trip.

With dreams of more adventures, and a passion for business that has global impact, Jessie and Case filled Case's car with blankets and sold them all to boutiques across the Ottawa Valley.

That's when the founders realized that these were more than just blankets. This was a way to celebrate the wanderlust lifestyle, bring global inspiration to people's homes, and directly support the artisans behind the craft. 

They called it Pokoloko, from the Spanish saying "poco loco", meaning "a little bit crazy", which is what the artisans called them when they returned with another order for 100 blankets.

Pokoloko is more than just a saying or brand name. 

It's a lifestyle all about living fully, slowing down to enjoy life's little luxuries, and choosing everyday to create a world connecting maker, collector and earth - which can sometimes be radical in comparison to the hustle and bustle of the ‘average’ status quo. 

What started as a dream in the back of Case's car, has grown to over 1000 boutiques across North America in support of over 100 artisan families in South America, Turkey, Morocco, and Indonesia. These artisans can count on sustainable income and healthy work environments thanks to the incredible support of the Pokoloko community.

At Pokoloko, that family-and-friend business vibe has always been a part of our evolution. While our collections have evolved from our early days, our commitment to our values and ‘why’ has stayed strong in the Poko evolution. 

Our growth over the years speaks to your support and the impact we're making together. We're so grateful that you're right there beside us. 

Welcome to the Poko fam.