THE ROBE COLLECTION. Every human needs a robe. A robe brings a sense of comfort, calm and relaxation. It is an essential part of a rounded self-care routine, and a way to treat and soothe yourself. Robes are ideal for after bath and before getting dressed, and as an extra layer of warmth over clothes or PJs. A robe can be used in place of a towel, and can hang in a bedroom or bathroom to elevate a space. We travelled to Turkey to find the best fabrics and techniques available to create a collection of robes suitable for all ages, sizes, seasons, and tastes. Cotton, linen, bamboo; waffle, terry, silky smooth; knee-length, full body length, hooded and collared. You will find something for every textile-lover and coziness-craver within our authentic, fairly-traded, and unique Robe Collection.