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December 15, 2020 3 min read

DECEMBER 15, 2020

4 Ways to Use Your Mesh Eco Bags for Low Waste Living (That Aren't for Vegetables!)

Learn how to use your mesh eco-bags in a variety of ways to promote a one-stop-shop for low waste living!

Benefits of Using a Mesh Eco Bag for Low Waste Living

By definition, low waste living operates under the goal of reducing your total amount of material that goes to waste.

You can live a low waste lifestyle by reducing your overall intake of materials, or incorporating recycling methods to encourage “repurposing” practices.

Pokoloko Eco Bags are certified organic reusable shopping totes. They replace the wasteful plastic used to bundle produce with an Earth-conscious, plastic-free alternative that is 100% organic.

The environmental benefits of using a mesh eco bag are innumerable.

But what’s really great about the use of these plastic substitutes is how their multifunctionality promotes low waste living.

There are many Pinterest boards out there suggesting how to repurpose a tote.

But what if you just want to make the most out of your anti-plastic alternative in between grocery shops?

We’re here to help you make the most of your organic bags without altering a single thread.

To help you in your transition to a low waste lifestyle, here are 4 ways to use your mesh eco bag that aren’t for vegetables!

4 Ways to Use Your Mesh Eco Bags for Low Waste Living

1) Low Waste Living Tip: Use for Storage

The high-quality craftsmanship of our earth-friendly mesh bags makes them great for storing just about anything inside.


Whether it be running shoes for the gym or your wet bathing suit after a day at the beach, your bags are made to last!


What happens at the beach, should stay the beach


Our mesh eco-bags also repel sand, meaning you don’t have to bring your day at the beach back home with you!

2) Low Waste Living Tip: Use as a Travel Companion

These compact, reusable totes are alsotravel-friendly! The fibrous integrity of organic cotton allows the material enough flexibility to fold away for easy storage without taking up much space. Yet because of their expansive size, your eco bags can carry a generous amount within.


So after you’ve unpacked your last grocery, feel free to get some use out of your eco bag rather than having it sit around for 2 weeks waiting for your next grocery shop.

3) Low Waste Living Tip: Use as a Dish Rag

Organic and chemical-free mesh bags are perfect replacements for dish rags! The washability of the cotton fibres, and its easy-care, allow you to use the meshing for your dishes before safely washing the material and re-purposing it for your produce.


Talk about checking off your list of at-home to do’s! This low waste living tip feels like the type of thing even your grandparents would approve of.

4) Washing Bags for your Delicates

 The durability of high-grade cotton allows the fabric to be laundered quite frequently without stressing the material. Of course, the same cannot always be said of our delicates!


Give your next load of laundry a sense of security by placing your most gentle delicates inside the mesh bag before running it through the wash. Low waste living is achieved through every effort, so why not invest in a fairly traded material perfect for grocery shopping and household chores?

“I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.” – Mother Teresa

The Pokoloko Net Bag: Your New Best Friend to Low Waste Living

Are you looking to get your hands on one of these multi-purpose, plastic-free alternatives? Check out our Pokoloko Mesh Net Eco Bags!


Made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, these zero waste alternatives are made with one of the world’s highest organic standards for cotton.


Ethically-sourced from Indian artisans, your investment is also sure to support the sustainability of local makers.


So whether you’re ready to ditch single-use plastics, or are looking for a zero-waste, multi-use accessory to up your low waste living lifestyle, you’re sure to find even more utility with your versatile mesh bag!

Written by Katelyn Wells, BA Media Production, Poko Blogger

Katelyn is a local freelance copywriter with a passion for the environment.She currently lives in Toronto, Ontario where she spends her mornings on the mat, youtube-ing how to avoid yoga injuries.