3 Benefits of Investing in Eco-friendly Subscription Boxes

3 Benefits of Investing in Eco-friendly Subscription Boxes

With home shopping being at an all-time high, the beauty of subscription boxes is that they bring trusted selection to your doorstep. Here are 3 ways subscribing to an eco-friendly subscription box just upgraded your life!

Eco-Friendly Subscription Boxes Do Your Homework For You

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a heart of gold and a head of questions. You want to save the environment- and you know that means an equal effort on everyone’s part- but how can shopping help us do that?

The answer: By ensuring that what we buy- and whom we buy it from- remain aligned with our environment-saving mission.

If you’re curious how you can help make your mark by spending more responsibly, but don’t know where to begin- subscription boxes are a great place to take your first step! Eco-friendly subscription boxes are an amazing way to discover environmentally-focused products offered to you in the most direct way.

And if you’re new to the transition of making your life eco-friendlier, it’s a great way to dive in! The browsing is done for you, while the pillar of environmental sustainability is guaranteed.

Plus- if you find a treasured item in one of your boxes that you really click with- your subscription has given that brand the perfect introduction to your home. Here are 3 more benefits of subscribing to eco-friendly, and sustainably-focused subscription boxes!


3 Benefits of Investing in Eco-friendly Subscription Boxes


1. They Offer You a Curated Collection of Eco-friendly Products

Subscribing to an eco-friendly subscription box takes the guesswork out of your supply-chain research. You can feel safe knowing that each item has been carefully curated.

And that’s a cozy feeling. Your investment comes with the assurance that each treasure was hand-selected- verified to check the metaphorical sustainability box you’ve thoughtfully considered.

2. They Offer an Introduction to Eco-Friendly Brands- Trusted and New!

It’s like window shopping just got easier! Instead of perusing store after store to look for what you want, samples from a wide variety of eco-friendly brands are sent to you. The assortment in each box allows you to broaden the scope of environmentally conscious items you’re familiar with, encouraging you to modify your homelife further.


Allow for the possibility that the surprise can lead to inspiration…

3. They Help You Find Useful Eco-Friendly Essentials You Wouldn’t Have Known to Invest In

Finding eco-friendly items you didn’t know you needed, or better yet- something you didn’t realize could be offered in an eco-friendlier manner- enhances the value of each subscription box.

So go ahead- expand your horizons and open yourself up to the untapped potential of living an eco-friendly lifestyle in ways you haven’t yet dreamed of!

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

– George Bernard Shaw

Eco-Friendly Subscription Boxes Take the Guesswork Out of Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Subscription boxes are the equivalent of having someone else do your carbon research for you. When you’re worried about getting everything right, subscription boxes make doing your green homework less difficult, and more accurate!

To give you some inspiration, check out these subscription box favourites- offering trusted eco-friendly finds.


3 Benefits of Investing in Eco-friendly Subscription Boxes

7 Trusted Subscription Boxes that Partner with Pokoloko to Offer Eco-Friendly Finds:

  1. Your Home Your Story (Award Winning Box 2020!)
  2. The Gift Refinery (Award Winning Box 2020!)
  3. Do Good Paper Co. (Award Winning Box 2020!)
  4. Hygge Canada
  5. Grace + Flow
  6. Pick-It-Fence Pembroke
  7. Canadian Beauty Box

If you’re looking for an innovative way to curate your home sense, feel free to subscribe to any one of these trusted cause-focused subscription boxes. Get inspired and spruce up your home and lifestyle with some of Pokoloko’s most environmentally sustainable finds!

Who knows what other treasures you might discover…

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