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September 24, 2020 3 min read

SEPT 24, 2020

Caring For Your Turkish Robe

We’re bringing a touch of Turkey right to your doorstep! Now you can have the soft feel of Turkish cotton on your skin without ever leaving the house with our Turkish robes.

Turkish Robes: Perfect for At-Home Use

Between our nautical and island-inspired Turkish bathrobes, we’ve got the perfect design to match your home aesthetic.

Light, medium, and heavy weight, with a tightly knit flat weave, Turkish robes are ideal for at-home spa days, after a bath or shower, at the beach, on a boat, or during your patio lounge session.

Whether you’ve already purchased your own, or you’re deciding on the design that inspires you most, you’re going to want to make sure your new housecoat will stand the test of time.

That’s why we’ve laid out everything you need to know when properly caring for your Turkish bath robes.

How to Properly Care for Your Turkish Robe

Caring for your Turkish Robes properly can ensure a long-lasting staple in your closet. So if you and your housecoat want to go steady, and be friends for the long haul rather than just a season, make sure you follow these steps!

Step 1: Machine or Hand Wash Your Turkish Robe

It’s important, with 100% pure Turkish cotton, that you are delicate with the material in the wash. Wash with like colours, and in cold water. Do not wash your Turkish robe in hot water as hot water will cause shrinkage. If possible, and for best results, wash on the delicate cycle. Because Turkish cotton has extra long fibers, however, making it highly durable, you can wash your robe on the regular washing machine setting if needed.

But we always want what’s best for you!

Step 2: Hang Your Turkish Robe to Dry

Hanging your Turkish robe to dry is recommended over machine drying. If you need to machine dry, dry on a low heat. But please note there may be some shrinkage after machine drying.

Step 3: Do Not Use Bleach or Fabric Softeners

Pure Turkish cotton is highly absorptive and becomes softer over time, with frequent use. So you can ditch your fabric softener altogether when washing your Turkish robe!

Hot tip #1: No need to iron

Looking to rid your robe of any wrinkles? You can decrease wrinkles naturally using less energy with Pokoloko's Alpaca Dryer Balls!

Hot tip #2: Allow for some shrinkage

After the first wash, please allow for some shrinkage; however, if cared for properly in cold water, the shrinkage should be very minimal and not noticeable.

Hot tip #3: Allow for Slight Variations in Design

Given the artisanal make of our robes, please allow for slight natural variations in colour, size, and weave with each unique piece. However, if there are differences present, these differences are not usually noticeable.

3 Benefits of Our Turkish Robes Just For You

Our focus always includes versatility, utility and functionality. So on top of creating a vibe that is elegant, contemporary, stylish, modern, luxe, and coastal, our Turkish robes offer a few other benefits:

1.Soft and gentle on the skin.

2. Unisex styles.

3. Pre-screening*

*All Pokoloko Turkish fabrics are carefully pre-screened and pre-tested for quality, absorbency, durability, and style.

The Best Features of Our Turkish Robes

Did you know that every Turkish robe comes with a generously sized hood, two deep front pockets, a tied sash belt, and a length down to your knees, calves or ankles?

That makes your housecoat-wearing experience as stylish and functional as possible!

Check out these other versatile features of Turkish Robes, and the benefits they come with.

  • Light-Middle-Heavyweight

Depending on the time of year, the variance in weight makes Turkish bathrobes perfect for seasonal use (a lightweight weave is ideal for the summer, heavyweight for the dead of winter). But depending on what you like in your space, all Poko robes are all-season.

  • Made with 100% Natural Materials

Turkish cotton has extra long fibres, making it longer lasting and more durable than regular cotton. While the science and art of Turkish towels dates back to the 17th century, their quick-dry, high absorbency, and unparalleled weave makes them a modern day essential worldwide.

Get Your Own Set of Turkish Robes

Now that you know how to properly care for a Turkish robe, you’re all set to keep yours as a long-lasting staple in your closet for years to come. Or if you’re still looking for the perfect style, head on overhere to browse our luxuriously inspired collection, orget the set that comes along with matching towels!

Happy lounging everyone…

Written by Katelyn Wells, BA Media Production, Poko Blogger

Katelyn is a local freelance copywriter with a passion for the environment.She currently lives in Toronto, Ontario where she spends her mornings on the mat, youtube-ing how to avoid yoga injuries.