Celebrate 6 years with Pokoloko!

Celebrate 6 years with Pokoloko!

Guess what? We're turning 6! Nothing would be possible without you coming along this journey with us. In 6 years, we have been able to make such a big impact together. We will be celebrating with an exciting end of summer SALE with up to 40% items in the coming days...

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The Eden Reforestation Project 

Over the past year, we’re so proud of what you’ve helped us build and support at Pokoloko. Together, we have planted 43,635 trees in the Poko forest! With each Poko purchase, 2 trees are planted.

The Eden Reforestation Project in Madagascar, focuses on planting Mangrove trees. By planting Mangrove trees, they can capture up to 4x as much carbon per acre than tropical rainforests. Three quarters of tropical fish rely on their root systems for nurseries and shelter. We can help to offset CO2 emissions by investing in this project.

Having ethical environmental practices is imperative and it remains a priority in everything we do here at Pokoloko. As we continue to grow, ensuring our values remain rooted in the natural world and everything it has to offer is essential.

Join us in reversing climate change! For the month of July, we are also planting a tree for every subscription to our mailing list.

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Sustainable Poko Partnerships: The Best-Selling Crinkle Apparel Collection

We partnered with the leaders behind the innovative sustainable women-owned fashion brand Ikikiz: Elvan and Meral. They are mothers, creatives and friends.

Established in Turkey in 2012, and working amidst one of the most wasteful industries on the planet, Ikikiz focuses on natural materials, timeless design, and long-lasting craftsmanship. 

Our best-selling Crinkle Apparel collection features garment-dyed pieces. Garment dyed is just like the name suggests. The raw material is first cut and sewn and then dyed during the washing process. The result is a relaxed and broken-in feel, with rich color coverage that won't experience shrinkage in the wash.

Read more about garment dyeing

The Crinkle Apparel designs are spacious, and feature unique lines and edges that can adapt to different shapes and activities. Ikikiz are an exceptionally hands-on design and creative duo, and Pokoloko is proud to be their exclusive Canadian avenue to slip into the work they create. 

See the collection



In Our Canadian Community

We partnered with The Atelier to create a special edition Poko towel. We loved the way this towel has been brought to life via a female supply chain, by women in business, and in support of women in business.

The Atelier Collective is an educational platform for the holistic ambitious woman in business. Every event, workshop and offering is created with the themes that drive them to inspire, create, experience, refine, grow & sustain. 

For every purchase of an Atelier Towel, $1 is donated to the Woodward Homeward Bound Program.

Launched by WoodGreen in 2004 and unique in Canada, Homeward Bound is an award-winning comprehensive 4-year program that helps homeless or inadequately housed single mothers achieve lasting economic self-sufficiency. It is a phenomenal and sustainable program with lasting results that works to remove real systemic barriers hindering the success of the women they work with.

This past year, we have raised $1000 together!

See the Atelier Towel



Local Love at the Westboro Shop 

Our Westboro shop, located in Ottawa, ON. celebrated its 1 year since opening in November of 2021! We have been blessed to get to know our local community, and work together to make some great things happen locally. The shop hosted a buy 1, give 1 campaign - donating 53 pairs of socks to the Odawa Native Friendship Centre & 300 pairs of socks to Cornerstone Housing for Women.

If you’re an Ottawa local, or passing through, we’d love to see you! We will be celebrating our birthday at the shop this Saturday, July 23rd with cupcakes - and items on SALE up to 40% off!

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