Fall and Winter Decorating Ideas for The Transitional and Contemporary Home

Fall and Winter Decorating Ideas for The Transitional and Contemporary Home

As pumpkin spice season approaches, we're thinking about how we will set our table for the holidays, and how to make our spaces warm and cozy as we welcome a season of transition.

When decorating for a timeless and modern home around the holidays, it’s all about creating the feeling without going so literal, especially for fall. Fall blends Halloween and Thanksgiving, and if you decorate for both holidays, suddenly your space might seem a little more “themed” than intended. 

To curate a modern and transitional look, we have gathered 5 interior decorating ideas to fall in love with as the season changes.



1. Transitional pieces are key

Consider pieces that are easily transition from summer's end, to fall, to winter, to holiday. Rather than picking bold fall colors like reds and orange that can soon be overbearing in your space come the winter months, consider pieces that offer a "feeling" of the season. Blankets & throws in neutral tones, soft textures, and simplistic accessories that complement your space all year round.



2. Unique, yet modern pieces

Hand-made by independent Indian artisans, this asymmetrical iron candle holder elevates the ambiance of any room when furnished with tapered candles. Break free of tradition and supplement any of your mindfulness practices with a pair of candles - meditate, bathe and read by firelight with this stunning handmade piece.

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3. Gold accents

The Ravi Bowls are handcrafted from polished aluminum with a gleaming brass finish, which is why we called it Ravi - Hindi for "sun". 

Skilled artisans hammer these bowls by hand to achieve the unique textural effect. Perfect for serving salad, fruit or bread, or on its own as a stunning decorative object. Ships nested when purchased as a set.

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4. Velvet Pillows

Few fabrics have the sophistication of velvet – its enduring beauty has inspired fashion, décor and even songs for centuries! Is it the way it reflects light, the way it feels or the way it instantly adds glamour? Whatever the reason, velvet never seems to fall out of favour, but right now, it’s especially trendy.

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5. Tufted Floor Mats

Hand tufted rugs and area rugs are plush, cozy, and the perfect way to warm up a room. Though traditionally used in the bathroom, this stunning floor covering would work as a cushy accent such as a bedside mat or in other low-traffic areas. A mood of thoughtful tranquility emanates from this popular lunar style.

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