Stockist Spotlight - The Plumber's Wife

Stockist Spotlight - The Plumber's Wife

Did you know you can find Pokoloko across North America? We’re proud to be supported by and to support small businesses as a small business. Our Stockist Spotlight is a place to share a little bit of their inspiring stories with you…

Spotlight On

The Plumber’s Wife

Founded by Paula Coffey


Stockist Spotlight - The Plumber's Wife

How long has your company been in business?

I have been in business for 13 years.

Where is your company located? What makes this location special to you and your shop?

The Plumber's Wife is located in Arthur, ON which is my hometown. I love bringing beautiful products and services to a small town setting, giving my local customers and friends options for shopping locally for their gifts and decor.

What's your elevator pitch - your company summary in a nutshell?

We pride ourselves on sourcing unique products for our store from both mainstream suppliers but also local makers and entrepreneurs! We spend time with our customers putting together beautiful gifts and we will also mock fireplace mantels, bookshelf displays or any room setting they need help with. We are here to help make their house a home!


Stockist Spotlight - The Plumber's Wife

What inspires you for your product sourcing?

We love texture! We are always looking for classic pieces in rugs, pillows and throws that we can layer into a room scape and add character and warmth. We also love functional pieces that look beautiful but also serve a purpose in your life!

What's your favourite Pokoloko product, and why?

My favorite Pokoloko product is the Reversible Southwest Blanket. It is so heavy and the colours and patterns are vibrant. It is the perfect porch blanket for these cool summer nights. I also gift these for weddings often because it is such a classic quality piece that can go in any room of the house!

What’s a memorable, hilarious or embarrassing shop moment?

My parents are very proud supporters of my store. They always come and help out at our very popular ladies nights in the fall. My dad was a farmer his whole life and negotiating prices was a big part of his everyday life. At one of my events, I came around the corner to find my dad negotiating the price of a painting with one of my clients! I had about a 100 ladies in the store that night and I thought "oh no, what is he getting me into!". I of course, was not going to steal my dad's thunder, so I let him finish his deal and both him and my customer Debbie, were very happy! She still laughs and talks about the great deal she got from my Dad that night!


Stockist Spotlight - The Plumber's Wife

What style tip would you share for folk using a Pokoloko product?

I think the Turkish towel is the most versatile item in the Pokoloko product offering. It is so versatile where you can use it as a shrug, scarf, towel or tablecloth. It is my best gift giving item because you know the recipient will have so many options on how they can use it! Plus they are gorgeous!

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