Caring for the Tassels on the End of Your Turkish Cotton Towels

Caring for the Tassels on Your Turkish Cotton Towels

We’re helping you put the “sustain” in sustainability. Here’s everything you need to know in caring for the tassels on the end of your 100% pure Turkish cotton towel!

Turkish Cotton vs. Regular

Universally understood to be the softest cotton on earth, Turkish cotton is proven to be more absorptive than its terrycloth counterpart.

With sustainability being one of our greatest pillars, Pokoloko is always invested in finding the best ethical materials for our products.

That’s why our luxury line of bath towels are made from 100% pure Turkish cotton.

Every thread of hand-woven Turkish cotton holds generations worth of technical knowledge and cultural experience. Therefore, our local artisans are able to capitalize on the science behind the art!


Caring for the Tassels on the End of Your Turkish Cotton Towels

The Tassels on our Turkish Cotton Towels

Did you know that the ends of almost all of our Turkish towels are a series of traditional tassels? Properly caring for your tassel is imperative to the longevity of your towel.

And as with every little luxury, we want you to know how to properly care for yours so that your new home decor will last as long as possible.

Here is everything you need to know about the Turkish tassel, and how to care for your own!

Everything You Need to Know About Tassels and Turkish Cotton

1. How to Care For Your Turkish Tassels:

Weaving a material like Turkish cotton, which has been around for centuries, requires a centuries-old touch: so be gentle with your fabric!

When laundering your towels, make sure you set your washer to the cold setting, or for best results wash on the delicate cycle.

When it comes to your tassels, ensure you tighten loosening tassels, and re-roll any that have come undone. Doing this prior to your wash cycle will prove gentler on the fabric when laundering, and keep the tassel from unraveling further!


Caring for the Tassels on the End of Your Turkish Cotton Towels

2. How to Re-roll a Tassel:

If you’re folding your towel and find an unrolled tassel or two, fret not! As much as we want to help you preserve the integrity of your Turkish cotton, tassels are bound to come undone over time. Re-rolling a tassel is super easy to do, even for beginners like me and you!

Follow These 4 Easy Steps to Re-roll Your Untied Tassel:

  1. Separate the threads into two equal sections
  2. Twist each section in a clockwise direction
  3. Twist both sections together in a counter-clockwise direction (to bring the sections together)
  4. Knot tightly at the end

Each tassel should take you less than a minute to re-tie, making the upkeep of your towels a simple and easily sustainable process.

Sustainable Fashion is not a trend but the future”- Antonia Böhlke

3. The History of the Turkish Tassel:

One of the most meaningful benefits of getting to work with local artisans is learning the traditions behind their craft.

Tying the Turkish tassel is a skill that has been passed down from generation to generation, just as making the towels has been.

Dating as far back as the 14th century, the tassel is the only crafted ornament that has lasted throughout history. Used to represent everything from levels of learning in the 1300’s, to differentiating military and religious fields in modern times, most today are familiar with the tassel as a symbol of graduation worn as part of the cap and gown attire.


Caring for the Tassels on the End of Your Turkish Cotton Towels

4. Tassel Styles for Turkish Cotton Towels:

There are several traditional styles used in the ornamental addition of tassels to the Turkish towel. Below are the 3 most common.

  1. Single Knot
  2. Twisted Knots
  3. Fringe (shown below is what we call eyelash fringe)


Caring for the Tassels on the End of Your Turkish Cotton Towels

5. Ensuring the Longevity of Your Turkish Cotton

Incorporating tradition with craft makes each of our hand-woven Turkish cotton towels a direct descendent of the centuries-old culture they are inspired from!

Caring for the custom tassels on the ends of each is just as imperative as knowing how to care for the fabric itself. Gently laundering your Turkish cotton, and re-rolling any untied fringes, will ensure your towel remains a staple in your household that requires only minor repair in the long term, rather than replacement.

Check out the tassels on our luxury line of towels, made from 100% pure Turkish cotton, and grab one for your ethical closet today!

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