Welcome to Alpaca Week!

Welcome to Alpaca Week!

This week at Pokoloko, we're taking a journey together on the road less traveled that bring you our best-selling alpaca products, and the stories behind the makers who create them.

Made in Peru

We begin our journey with Peruvian artisans. Tucked away in the mountainous regions of Peru, these makers combine modern business & design with their rich textile traditions, often passed down from generation to generation. A delight to work with and grow with, they offer workshops & work with groups of women to promote sustainable development.


Saving The Planet With Alpaca Dryer Balls

Did you know? You could save up to $100 a year on household supplies! This product was created in collaboration with the Woman Makers Of Peru - an artisan collective whose main inspiration is nature, creativity, handwork, and ecology. They believe in the unique value of the work of artisans, knitters, and Alpaca breeders of the Peruvian highlands. With sustainable & ethical production practices, they support local farmers and artisans in their region.
Alpaca Dryer Balls are an eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets, which contain toxic chemicals and can only be used once. These natural alpaca balls are more effective than industrial dryer sheets at softening laundry, reducing static, and removing wrinkles. They’ve also got the added benefits of reducing dryer time, energy use, and household cost.

The All Season Alpaca Sweater Collection

Pokoloko's Sweater Collection offers a year-round wear cycle, contributing to a more sustainable wardrobe. Each sweater is fairly traded and handmade by Peruvian artisans. Each sweater is made with a Peruvian alpaca blend, which is much more breathable than sheep's wool, and keeps you dryer as it repels moisture better than sheep's wool. These sweaters are also naturally hypo-allergenic (no lanolin), offering a more luxurious, softer, cashmere-like texture against the skin.

Made in Ecuador

Nestled in the Northern Andes Mountains, here lives a couple along with their small team of family and friends who make this artisanal Ecuadorian collection. Our relationship with the couple dates back to 2013, when Case (Pokoloko Founder) first met them traveling on a trip through South America.



The Reversible Alpaca Seamless Scarf is a new addition to our Ecuador collection for Fall 2022. This textile is so soft and gentle on the skin. Generously sized to wrap around the shoulders comfortably, and thin enough to wrap around the neck without too much bulkiness. 



The alpaca fiber that is used to make the new Striped Large Alpaca Throw is stronger than mohair, warmer than wool, softer than silk and finer than cashmere. Time to get cozy! Larger than our original throws, these textiles are a simple and easy way to update or reinvigorate any space, adding texture & character to your cozy layers and home design. A thoughtful gift for any holiday or milestone - small enough to travel and big enough to share.


3 Reasons To Switch From Wool To Alpaca

Alongside supporting fairly traded alpaca products with our artisans, the additional benefits to switching from wool to alpaca fiber are:
  • Naturally water-repellant, hypoallergenic and breathable, whereas wool absorbs moister and causes discomfort against the skin
  • It's as soft as cashmere, but the manufacturing process doesn't harm the alpaca
  • Alpaca fiber does not require caustic steps during its production and therefore, does not produce pollution or harm the environment

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