Which Pokoloko Towel is your Best Match?

Which Pokoloko Towel is your Best Match?

With over 30+ styles of Pokoloko styles to choose from, it may be tricky to know which towel aligns best with your needs and desires!

Which Pokoloko Towel is your Best Match?

Here are 5 considerations so that you are in the know when selecting your ideal towel:

For The Home

01 Absorbency

While Turkish cotton is highly absorbent (and quick to dry!), different weaves will have a different feel, thickness and GSM measurement.

All our towels absorb well, but if you prefer the feel of a thicker towel, we recommend the Waffle, Wave and Leo terry towels, along with the Hasir, Fishbone or Diamond towels.

GSM refers to “grams per square meter” and is an industry standard measurement for fabric weight. Where the GSM is listed for our products, this is describing the density of the product. A higher GSM means a thicker towel.

02 Tactile Needs

Perhaps you have sensitive skin, have a little one who requires extra softness, or just prefer the spa-like quality of your towels for your daily rituals. We're here for it.

While Turkish cotton becomes softer with use, some of our softest towels are blended with bamboo - which is naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

We recommend the Mixed Grey, Zebra, Wave and Striped Bamboo towels for premium softness.

Which Pokoloko Towel is your Best Match?

03 Size Matters

We can be cheeky about towel sizes, right? Every single one of our towels boasts dimensions that are larger than your standard terry towel. You want a towel that doesn't fit around half of your fine self. We wanted that too.

This means they wrap generously around the body - providing extra warmth and comfort.

We recommend any towel for meeting this need, or the even larger XL towels that double as throws.

For Your Lifestyle Needs

04 On-The-Go

You like to go from point A to B without needing to hire a porter to carry what you need with you - but you want the right products to perform. Lightweight Poko towels fold or roll up super compactly so you have more space in your bag for what matters.

For the workouts & wanders, we recommend the Harem, Sultan, Element or Lia towels. For the beach - we recommend the lightweight towels in their colourful glory.

Which Pokoloko Towel is your Best Match?

05 Transitions

Inspired by the seasonal and day-to-day needs - you're looking for something that is perfect for temperature or location changes. By day - it's a sand & grass repellant magic carpet, but by evening it's a stunning scarf or shawl. On your trip, it's rolled up as a neck or lumbar pillow, then a towel or wrap at your destination.

We recommend the jacquard collection - their reversible patterns make for a great ground cover or towel, but are so beautiful you want to wear them. You like options. And you like beauty.


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