Why We Use Pima Cotton in our Sock Collection

Why We Use Pima Cotton in our Sock Collection

Introducing premium, fairly-traded pima cotton socks! All 7 styles of our sock collection, made from Peruvian pima cotton, are custom Pokoloko designs.

Each pair is created in collaboration with input from the entire Poko team!

What is Pima Cotton?

Pima cotton is a premium textile that originates from Peru. However, the name itself is to highlight the Pima Native Americans (who called themselves Othama), who famously helped raise the cotton in America.

Made from extra-long staple fibres, pima cotton is known to be a luxurious textile, with a quality well-suited for high-end clothing.

Made from the same plant as Egyptian cotton, the main difference between the two premium strands is the geographical location in which they are grown.

Pure Egyptian cotton is harvested in the Nile River Valley of Egypt, while Pima Cotton is often grown in the American Southwest.

But of course, Peru is still blessed with the perfect climate to grow this luxury cotton because of its tropical landscape and harvesting conditions- which is why Pokoloko only uses pima cotton sourced directly from Peruvian cotton harvesters!


Why We Use Pima Cotton in our Sock Collection

Why is Pima Cotton the Superior Cotton?

Egyptian and pima cotton are classified as “extra-long-staple cottons” (ELS), a term that refers to the length of the individual cotton fibres.

These longer, silkier fibres produce a luxuriously soft fabric that is also incredibly strong.

But while Egyptian and pima cotton share similar premium characteristics — and even have the same scientific name (Gossypium barbadense) — the most important factor when purchasing a premium fibre is to ensure its purity and authenticity!

Here’s a list of reasons why pima cotton is the superior cotton we chose for our sock collection:

1. Pima Cotton’s Fibrous Integrity is Unparalleled

Pima cotton is exceptional for its extra-long silky fibres. The length of the fibre strand results in stronger weaves that outperform and outlast lesser cottons.

While your typical upland cotton (the variety well-known as a household staple), is a quality cotton often acquired for its affordability, the fibrous integrity of pima cotton ensures your fabrics will sustainably last through frequent use and consistent laundering!

2. Our Pima Cotton is Hand-Harvested

Pokoloko pima cotton is sourced directly from local Peruvian farmers and is hand-harvested. This means the production process has a much-reduced impact on the environment than a machine-based harvesting process.

Hand-harvesting also means there is significantly less non-cotton matter gathered during collection, which contributes to pima cotton's purity and elevated quality.

3. Pima Cotton is Soft & Ultra-Durable

The beauty in Pima cotton is its natural ability to be pile-resistant, ultra-durable, luxuriously soft, and remarkably smooth.

Because of the strength in its extra-long fibres, Pima cotton wrinkles less, pills less, fades less than other cottons, and is also colourfast for luxury that lasts.

Poko's pima sock collection benefits from this premium cotton not only for its soft feel but its breathability as well! A good pair of pima cotton socks ensure your feet will stay dry even after a long day out of the house!

4. Pima Cotton is Hypoallergenic

For those with sensitive skin and allergy concerns, fear not! Pima cotton is naturally hypoallergenic.

It's breathable and moisture-wicking features also make pima cotton the perfect fabric for those active sock-lovers!


Why We Use Pima Cotton in our Sock Collection

5. Pokoloko Pima Cotton is Verified Pure

The transparency of our supply chains is of utmost importance to us at Pokoloko.

Working directly with Peruvian pima cotton harvesters and local artisans, our Poko team is able to verify the authenticity and purity of the hand-harvested textiles we purchase!

That means you can be sure every pair of Pokoloko pima cotton socks you invest in is supplied by a brand you can trust!

"Our collection includes patterned socks for those seeking a little added style, and classic, rolled-top beauties for the more conservative feet." - Pokoloko

Our Pima Cotton Sock Collection Promises in Purity!

Pima cotton is revered for being one of the finest, high-end quality cottons on earth.

However, a recent study revealed that 89% of cotton sold as Egyptian or Pima isn’t pure at all. Instead, many fast-fashion retailers are producing “pure pima cotton products” from a blend of lesser quality cottons mixed in with the premium.

Pokoloko is happy to pride itself on offering exceptional quality, pure pima cotton whose authenticity can be verified through our hand-harvesting process.

After months of hard work, we are thrilled to bring you this new corner of our sock collection.

Grab a Pair of Pima Cotton Socks for Yourself

If you’re just itching to try them on, we promise it’ll be the last itch you have!

Give your feet a soft landing and grab a pair of our fairly traded Pima Cotton Socks for yourself!

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