Artisans of Bali


Based in Bali, Indonesia - also known as the Island of the Gods; these artisans are surrounded by hills and mountains, gorgeous and rugged coastlines and beaches, rice fields and barren volcanic hills. This environment is rich with colours, a spiritual and historical culture and inspiration from both the region and the range of tourists who pass through. 

Since 2015, this group of artisans has been directly sourcing the natural materials cultivated by locals to create their craft - resulting in a sustainable and circular economy for the artisans and the environment. Their work provides socio-economic value for small-scale artisans with access to the global market that Bali is known for. They are kind, humble, and exceptionally talented to work with. 

The process looks like first sourcing the natural and local materials, preparing and crafting the piece of beauty one-by-one in their humble studio, after which it is shipped by boat to Montreal, Quebec where one of our Pokoloko members collect the goods from port and bring them to our warehouse in Gatineau, Quebec so they’re ready to ship to you.