Ecuadorian Artisan Studio

Nestled in the Northern Andes Mountains, here lives the young couple along with their small team of family and friends who make this artisanal Ecuadorian collection. Our relationship with the couple dates back to 2013, when Case (one of the founders) first met them traveling on a trip through South America. Although this would soon come to change, the family, at that time, was living in their father’s house in a small, rural, Ecuadorian mountain village. 

As Quechua Indigenous Ecuadorians, the artisans' textile traditions date back generations. But they live amongst a community full of art and artisans of all kinds- from leather makers to jewellers- using Tagua (a local nut similar to coconuts), textiles and more. They’ve welcomed us into their family, and Case was very happily made the godfather of their youngest child. The founders have attended celebrations and countless family gatherings, weddings, and other traditions with their community of friends.

The artisans' quality of life is great. With the opportunities provided to them via the success of their fair trade business, the young couple are able to get proper medical attention for their family; their children are able to go to school, they are able to work a little less so they have more time to cook proper meals for their family and staff, etc.