IKIKIZ Design Studio

The word "ikikiz" means "two girls" in Turkish

Established in Turkey in 2012, and working amidst one of the most wasteful industries on the planet, Ikikiz focuses on natural materials, timeless design, and long-lasting craftsmanship. The word "ikikiz" means "two girls" in Turkish, which symbolizes the two female leaders behind the innovative sustainable fashion brand Ikikiz: Elvan and Meral. They are mothers, creatives and friends.

One of their specializations is a beautiful garment-dyeing technique, which means the fabric of the garment is cut and sewn, then dyed and washed (instead of being dyed then sewn). This creates a truly unique, vintage, pastel color palette. Their designs are spacious, and feature unique lines and edges that can adapt to different shapes and activities. They are an exceptionally hands-on design and creative duo, and Pokoloko is proud to be their exclusive Canadian avenue to slip into the work they create.