The Stonewashed Studio

The making of our Stonewashed Waffle Towels

Located in a rural township of Turkey, the workshop husband and wife founders have been operating their family business in the Turkish textile industry for 25+ years. They have developed a mastery of hand-woven loom products, with an extensive technical knowledge of yarn production - making truly high-quality and unique textiles from start to finish.

With a team of 30 hands making their goods, the men and women they employ are like family. The founders treat them as such, and the artisans take pride in their work as if it was their own business. A genuine community effort brings your textiles to life. 

The husband and wife duo are experts in the process of stonewashing, and we’ve been thrilled to introduce this specialized technique to our collections. The process begins with the making of the raw, natural yarn - each spool created one-by-one. It’s then woven into fabric, followed with being dyed and washed with stones to create that unique acid wash effect. 

The stone washed fabric is then washed again, and cut into the desired size/shape, then finishing touches are added. After this, the team performs quality checks for each textile before preparing to ship it to our warehouse in Quebec. From beginning to end, their family business makes textile magic together. We’re so thrilled to bring their work by hand to your hands.