3 Ways Alpaca Dryer Balls Save You Money and Promote Low Waste Living

3 Ways Alpaca Dryer Balls Save You Money and Promote Low Waste Living

Would you like to save over $100 a year in household supplies? Well - this low waste living option will be your new laundry staple.

Low Waste Living is a Numbers Game

When you think about it, low waste living is really a numbers game.

What one process or product can I use to reduce the amount of time and materials I was using before?

The math is pretty easy.

When it comes to our household waste, most of us are beginning to ask: do I really need so much?

And the answer is no!

Save yourself time and money by investing in fewer products, and by choosing those that provide a multi-purpose.

Alpaca Dryer Balls help you save on monthly expenses and promote low waste living by reducing the amount of energy and wasteful materials required to do your laundry.

And a pack of 3 will last you over 500+ loads!

But just how much money have you been wasting? Let’s take a look at the numbers!


3 Ways Alpaca Dryer Balls Save You Money and Promote Low Waste Living

How Many Loads of Laundry Does the Average Canadian Wash Per Year?

Canadian families are washing an estimated 2 loads of laundry a week per person.

A family of 4 is then looking at somewhere between 7-8 loads of laundry for the same time frame, for an average of 364 – 416 loads a year!

3 Ways Alpaca Dryer Balls Promote Low Waste Living

By converting to this low waste alternative, alpaca dryer balls eradicate the need for the following items:

1. Toxic Dryer Sheets

Alpaca dryer balls are a chemical-free alternative to your everyday toxic dryer sheet.

When you think about those single-use sheets, realize the astronomical amount you’d have to buy to keep up: between 364 – 416 a year!

Depending on the brand, the going rate is between 5 – 15 cents per sheet.

Your laundry is therefore costing you anywhere from $18.20 - $62.40 annually in dryer sheets alone.

2. Additional Fabric Softener

Alpaca Dryer Balls are naturally antimicrobial, and a superior softener to wool.

That means you can ditch your fabric softener all together!

If you head to your nearest grocery store, you’ll find the average bottle of fabric softener costs anywhere from $6-22, depending on the brand. And the bottles claim to last between 50-120 loads of laundry.

*While there is data to prove that the typical family uses much more than the recommended dosage of liquid softeners in each laundry cycle, we’ll keep things easy and use the above numbers to run our math.

Liquid softener thus costs an average of 10 - 25 cents per load, depending on the brand.

By ditching the antiquated liquid softener, you are now saving between $36.40 to $104 a year!


3 Ways Alpaca Dryer Balls Save You Money and Promote Low Waste Living

3. Unnecessary Electricity Use

Alpaca dryer balls are made from natural alpaca fibres and felted directly to the middle. This extensive felting process allows the balls to absorb more moisture and increase air circulation, resulting in your laundry drying faster!

Thus, by reducing dryer time and requiring less wattage and electricity, alpaca dryer balls promote low waste living by wasting less energy.

And the specific amount of energy you save is a direct translation to money saved on your next hydro bill!

“You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.” – Vernon Howard

Less Waste Means Your Alpaca Dryer Balls Save You Money

As it turns out, investing in alpaca dryer balls eliminates the need for fabric softener AND single-use dryer sheets. Plus - the single use plastic and/or chemicals found within them and their packaging.

This chemical-free alternative brings with it savings & environmental peace of mind, allowing you to keep a potential $166 in your pocket every year!

And that’s not including what you’ll save in hydro/electricity fees.

By packaging several waste-saving benefits into an all-in-one household item, alpaca dryer balls are the perfect low waste living addition for your laundry room!


3 Ways Alpaca Dryer Balls Save You Money and Promote Low Waste Living

Invest in your Own Alpaca Dryer Balls:

Make the switch today to a low waste living action plan and invest in your own set of Alpaca Dryer Balls! There's no Planet B - it's a bonus when environmentally minded products also help save money, too! Here's to a million imperfect steps in the right direction, together.

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