5 Everyday Items to Keep in Your Car

5 Everyday Items to Keep in Your Car

Do you know the feeling of rummaging through the very depths of your bag to find something that you *might* have put in there once upon a time?

Maybe it’s the reach around with one hand on the wheel to the back seat? The lightning-fast raid of your glove compartment?

And when your hand finally lands on that item, the sudden shock of relief that jolts through your body?

We don’t want to take that feeling away. We want it to just be less crumb-covered.


5 Everyday Items to Keep in Your Car

The Must-haves

Behold, a list of things you can put together to keep in your car right now so that you don’t have to panic search for them in these moments, because you’ll know you’re prepared.

You may have additional items to add, but we think we’ve really nailed it with these basics to keep you well equipped as well as to supplement your low-waste lifestyle.

1. Mesh Eco Bags

I am forever getting caught without bags when picking up something last-minute. This results in the “I can carry these 14 items, don’t even worry about it” method, or the “Actually, *sigh*, yeah I’ll take a plastic bag” backpedaling method.

Our Mesh Eco Bags are great because they are super compact, they come in four sizes and can actually handle hefty loads - it’s the GOTS Certified organic cotton, aka quality. If there’s one thing I feel good about day-to-day, it’s avoiding as much plastic as possible.

Plus, the Mesh Eco Bag can be the container in which you keep the rest of the items you may need in a pinch.

2. Turkish Towels/Hand Towels

It’s no secret we think our Turkish towels and hand towels are the most beautiful, well-made and versatile textiles around.

Having one of these on-hand will help you clean spills, keep you warm, and enable you to manage impromptu picnics with ease (and style).

Our recommendations - light-weight towels for that napkin, post workout, picnic blanket or shawl need. Mid-weight towels for all the above, with a little extra thickness! Top 3 suggestions: Sultan towel, Harem towel, or the Lia towel!


5 Everyday Items to Keep in Your Car

3. An Extra Face Mask

I know, I also can’t believe we’re at the point where this is part of a blog post about items to keep in your car. But you don’t want to be caught without this nowadays, especially now that you’re ready to grab last-minute groceries.

There are so many great masks to choose from, but I especially love our Upcycled Face Masks, produced by Canadian makers using upcycled rayon fabric from our cover-ups. We love a low-waste, circular-fashion option!

4. Reusable Straws & Cutlery

When you order takeout, it’s so nice to see more places asking if you need cutlery! Although many have switched to compostable plastic, many municipalities don’t have the proper facilities for these compostable products. SO - having your own eating accoutrements on deck is (a) awesome so you can consume the deliciousness but also (b) ideal for diverting waste to the landfills...and the plastic island in the ocean…

We love our six pack of bamboo straws- which makes it great to have one in the car while the others are likely in your kitchen. Getting in the habit of saying, “I don’t need a straw or cutlery” with your order is easy, until it becomes a part of your muscle memory! Bonus - they’ll store great in your mesh eco bag.

5. Extra Socks

You know, just in case. Maybe you forgot to pack some for the gym and you’re wearing sandals. Maybe you stepped in a puddle and now your socks are soaked through. Whatever the situation, an extra pair of socks can actually come in super handy.

We have plenty of great options to choose from, but heading into summer we’d recommend the Athletic Socks, or any of our Pima Cotton Socks.


5 Everyday Items to Keep in Your Car

And There You Have It! 5 Everyday Items to Keep in Your Car

Lots of great suggestions to pick and choose from to help you avoid last-minute scrambles.

Trust me, the rush of being prepared trumps the rush of a panic mid-outing.

Drive safe and keep both hands on the wheel!

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