5 Reasons We Love Turkish Robes

5 Reasons We Love Turkish Robes

Perfect for a poolside lounge, slow Sunday mornings, or a comfy night in… here are 5 reasons you need a Turkish robe hanging in your closet!

Turkish Robes- An Artisanal Little Luxury

Bathrobes provide you with coverage, comfort and warmth! And a variety of fabric lengths and thicknesses make robes suitable for every season. But a made-to-last item should be a staple that is truly designed to last. And because of its varying uses, robes quite literally never go out style! Or out of season.

Here are 5 reasons we reach for our robes on the regular.

Because you deserve to feel like royalty!


5 Reasons We Love Turkish Robes

1. To Keep You Warm

On a cold winter’s night, are you trying to cozy up in your comfiest, oversized PJ’s? Robes are like the oversized sweater your arms and legs have been begging for! I mean there’s a reason I grew up calling it my housecoat- Turkish Robes wrap you up to keep you feeling snug! (But I’m also not opposed to walking around in mine from sun-up to sun-down… with a light, middle and heavy-weight option- you gotta do what you gotta do!)

For our warmest robes, we’d suggest the Wave Bamboo Robe & Leo Terry Robe.

2. After the Bath/Beach

Turkish robes are what I call my in-between. Between towelling off and getting dressed.

Robes made from Turkish cotton have a unique moisture-wicking feature that helps dry you off faster post-shower or beach day. You can use the robe as a towel (and a gorgeous one at that!), or as an overlay before changing out of your swimsuit. But either way… there’s no rush! Feel free to stay in it for a while. Plus - that Turkish cotton keeps getting softer and more absorbent with more use!

We’d suggest the Crinkle Bath Robe or Mini-Waffle Robe for your poolside lounging.


5 Reasons We Love Turkish Robes

3. For Lounge-Wear

Speaking of… different thicknesses provide versatility in your Turkish robes. More than just keeping you warm, thin robes also provide a lighter clothing option to wear in the warmer months or quick in-between shower to getting dressed moments. Catch me sprawled out on my back deck, with my favourite summer read, or lounging poolside in my soft, light-weight robe!

I mean… that is if I had a pool! But we’re friends, right? I can totally come for a swim…? :D

Pool or no pool - don’t be fooled by the seemingly less-heavy hand feel of our midweight weave options (in comparison to a classic fleece or terry robe) - the tight-knit quality of the robe - even if the hand feel may seem lighter - absolutely provides the warmth you’re craving in cooler climates.

We suggest the Striped-Bamboo Robe, Leo Terry Robe or Crinkle Bath Robe.

4. For Self-Care Reasons

For our coziness-cravers out there, Turkish robes are the perfect accessory for a cozy night in. With their ultra-soft hand feel, some with a generously sized hood, and two deep, inline pockets (pockets for the people!), you’ll be drifting off in bliss as you laze around! PS - the luxe fabric feels extra gentle on your skin.

Now if you stuff those pockets with, say… handfuls and handfuls of Netflix snacks… well, who am I to judge? That’s between you and the robe!

We suggest the Leo Terry Robe, Striped Bamboo Robe or Crinkle Bath Robe.

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it’s not luxury.” - Coco Chanel

5. For A Matching Aesthetic

If you’re like me, you appreciate a little uniformity. And I have to admit- I love using the word “matchy-matchy”! The beauty in our line of Turkish robes extends to our matching collection of Turkish towels. Not only do our towels benefit from the same moisture-wicking feature as our robes (they’re both made from 100% PURE Turkish cotton), but the designs are one of a kind! Feel free to dry off using your Poko Turkish towel, and lounge around in your matching Turkish robe.

Whether you’re a King, Queen or any royal title you want to identify with, our matching collections will have you feeling like royalty every damn day of the year! It’s the little luxuries that help make space for moments of simple joys.

Robes with matching towel sets include the Wave Bamboo Robe, Mini-Waffle Robe, Striped Bamboo Robe & Leo Terry Robe.


5 Reasons We Love Turkish Robes

Poko Turkish Robes are a Fairly Traded Staple for Your Closet

Each of our Turkish robes is made with 100% pure Turkish cotton and handcrafted by local independent Turkish artisans with whom we collaborate directly. Regardless of which gorgeous design you choose to wrap your beautiful body in, you can feel empowered knowing you’ve made a purchase with a purpose! (And you’ll plant two trees at the same time!)

Every Pokoloko little luxury is made in a fair-trade environment.

If you’ve been thinking of upping your loungewear with a slow fashion mentality (aka buy less - make it last), browse our beautiful collection of Turkish robes.

If you’re curious about how best to care for your new Turkish robe - click here to learn more about our suggestions to help make your purchase last through many good moments of relaxation to come.

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