A Gift Box with Meaning: 5 Ways Our Partnership with the Canadian Gift Refinery is Great for You & the Planet!

A Gift Box with Meaning: 5 Ways Our Partnership with the Canadian Gift Refinery is Great for You & the Planet!

Today we’re celebrating our partnership with The Gift Refinery! A Canadian subscription box highlighting Canadian-made treasures with meaning.

Gift Boxes with Meaning are the Modern-Day Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Lately, I’ve been having numerous conversations with my girlfriends about subscription boxes. I mean they’re everywhere! What are they? Why are they so great? All of my friends seem to be subscribed to at least one, and yet here I am -out of the loop!

So after many a-nights sitting ‘round with a glass of red wine, contemplating, here’s what I’ve come up with:

Subscription boxes are like the modern-day equivalent to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! If you think about it: each box can be a great fit for everyone, in its own way! And by shipping these boxes all over the country (OR WORLD!) their travelling magic is built into the whole system. But let me tell you: not all gift boxes are created equal!


A Gift Box with Meaning: 5 Ways Our Partnership with the Canadian Gift Refinery is Great for You & the Planet!

Pokoloko x The Gift Refinery: A Canadian Collaboration

Pokoloko partners with a conscious subscription box company called The Gift Refinery (TGR)- who exclusively offers Canadian-made products from artisans + brands within our community.

TGR offers seasonal, annual and one-time subscriptions with a curated collection of Canadian products that hold meaning.

But that’s not the only reason they’re so great! Thanks to our brand partnership, here’s what else I’ve learned about this award-winning gift box with meaning.

5 Ways Our Partnership with The Gift Refinery Benefits You & the Environment

1. TGR supports homegrown Canadian brands + artisans

The community-oriented aspect of this box makes it a staple for the socially conscious Canadian family. Shopping local has never been more important, and with our economy the way that it is, TGR serves our community best by introducing the fruits of our Canadian labour back into our own homes. Subscribing to this gift box allows you to support your fellow Canadian artisans + brands with products of meaning.

2. They promote ethically-sourced products

The meaning behind the premium goodies in each box is of special importance to our friends atThe Gift Refinery. Each feature is carefully selected to encourage a more conscious Canadian household. By promoting meaningful products that support the prospering of moral and ethical supply chains, you’re sure to find a useful array of Canadian-made lifestyle pieces that match up with your search for sustainable brands.

3. They give back to charity

As part of their wellness initiative, a portion of proceeds from each box is donated to a Canadian charity. Currently, TGR has partnered with Noelle’s Gift- a charity for children in need, based out of Sarnia, Ontario. The true beauty of this meaningful box is that it creates a direct line for us Canadians to invest in our communities!

What our partnership with The Gift Refinery allows US to achieve:

4. We can invite more of you into our Canadian Poko Family

We are so happy to find our Canadian Poko family growing. And partnering withThe Gift Refinery has proven effective in introducing our sustainably-sourced home decor and lifestyle pieces to even more of our neighbours’ households. The meaning of this box, for us, really all comes back to our community- and the connection we have with our friends and family alike!

5. TGR allows us to introduce ethical and eco-friendly products to more homes and lifestyles

Of course, the beauty in our conscious-driven partnership is that it allows our ethically-sourced and environmentally friendly products to find a home with even more conscious households. While every subscription box has its own focus, The Gift Refinery proudly pairs homegrown craftsmanship with thoughtfully curated meaning. So, you can help save the planet simply by investing in a Canadian company that aligns with our pillar for environmental sustainability!


A Gift Box with Meaning: 5 Ways Our Partnership with the Canadian Gift Refinery is Great for You & the Planet!

The Gift Refinery + Consciousness = A Canadian Gift Box with Meaning

The Gift Refinery believes in conscious quality, and that’s why Pokoloko is honoured to be spotlighted in this year’s HelloWinter2020 box! Our fairly-traded, artisan-made Diamond Turkish Towel can be found in every box this season and is a perfect first item to dive into our authentic Turkish towel collection.

Just check out what one reviewer had to say about our Diamond Turkish Towel she received in her HelloWinter2020 box:

“I LOVE Turkish towels, and always will. I love the texture, the patterns, the calming colours and the versatility. I have a comfy reading chair picked out for this one! It will look beautiful draped over the back.” – Sarah, author at ayearofboxes.com

Grab Your Own Gift Box with Meaning

Are you ready to join the Canadian sisterhood? You can subscribe to The Gift Refinery’s HelloWinter2020 series and invest in your first gift box with meaning! With the variety of special homegrown items on offer, I guarantee your Canadian-loving heart won’t be disappointed!

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