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We believe an object can elevate both beholder and maker. In a world of mass-produced goods, we offer artisan-made home and apparel crafted in fair-trade environments from around the globe. We strive to live fully, slow down to enjoy life’s little luxuries, and choose everyday to create a world connecting maker, owner and earth.

December 23, 2020 6 min read

DECEMBER 23, 2020

15 Blanket Styling Inspirations for Your Bedroom

Inspired by our Cornerstone BOGO Campaign, we’re looking at 15 fresh new ways to style your Moroccan, Turkish, and Alpaca blankets as part of your at-home #Pokoliving!

Pokoloko x Cornerstone: Our Alpaca Blanket Give Back Initiative

This holiday season Poko is thrilled to be sponsoring Ottawa’s Cornerstone Housing for Women - the nation’s capital’s only women-focused shelter and housing organization.

Cornerstone is a charitable organization that focuses on providing the resources needed to help women facing homelessness transition out of crisis.

And because we feel strongly about supporting our community, we wanted to do our part!

As part of our BOGO initiative, for every blanket bought between now and December 31st, we will donate an Ecuadorian alpaca blanket to Cornerstone. We are just over halfway to our goal of 84 blankets!

Your holiday shopping supports not only your loved ones this year but the women of our community as well!

Because when we keep each other warm, each of our worlds gets a little brighter.

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." - Margaret J. Wheatley


In honour of our buy a blanket, give a blanket initiative, we thought we’d share some inspiration for how Pokos like YOU have styled your #pokoliving at home!


15 Blanket Styling Inspirations for Your Bedroom

Feast your eyes on these cozy luxe ideas to inspire your home style...

1. The Moroccan Line

Our line of Moroccan throws is made on pedal-powered looms - sans electricity. The very definition of artisanal handcrafted luxury! These blankets are heavy & luxe.


1. @yourhome.yourstory 


This Stockist Carries our Poko Collections in: Brantford, ON

Item:Inverse Light Grey Pom Pom Blanket &Half-Light Grey Pom Pom Pillow


This heirloom-quality blanket is thick and heavy for the coldest of winter nights! But its soft grey texture and colour palette make it an easy addition to any bedroom design - every stylist’s dream! Fun fact - we will have a fun custom Moroccan line with Amanda in the new year! More to come in the new year about this!

2. @amyin613 


Item:Mixed Light Grey Pom Pom Blanket


Neutrals and greyscale - it is the hype blanket to let your accent pillows or art pop - and for this we love it. Also Amy’s cats approve of every Poko item in her house - so we see that as a very important stamp of approval. #pokopets

3. @a.moroccanspinkandgold.dream


Item:Bordered White Pom Pom Blanket


If my mother taught me anything about bedroom décor, it’s that a great spread for the end of your bed adds a finishing touch! The Moroccan tassels also add a simple, but classy look- just beware they might become your cat’s new favourite toy!



Item:Racer White Pom Pom Blanket


The pure yarn used in these Moroccan blankets make for the softest touch and perfect cuddling partner. Keep your little ones tucked in with this thick, heirloom-quality Moroccan throw- for when their teddies alone just won’t do!

5. @yowcitystyle


Item:Bordered White Pom Pom Blanket ,White Crinkle Throw +Moroccan White Pom Pom Pillow


Whether you’re looking to layer warmth overtop of your stylish pom pom blanket, or need a cozy cuddling session while you read, our 4-layered white crinkle throw pairs well with any room’s aesthetic. It turns out refined elegance can be just another way of staying simple and cozy on a breezy Friday night!

2. XL Turkish Towel Throws

The oversized quality of these blankets gives a unique versatility to their collection. Designed to be used as a throw, towel, or scarf… the XL Turkish Towel Throws have you covered -literally- for all your needs!

1. @unclutteredhouse


Item:Galaxy Stone Washed Throw


The ultra-soft hand feel of this XL Turkish throw can be enjoyed on the go, or in the comfort of your own home! You can wear it as a scarf, or use it as a towel… but if you’re cozying up under this blanket, we can’t promise your furry little friend won’t want under the covers, too! #pokopets

2. @simple_ula


Item:Arrow XL Throw


This uniquely inspired throw pairs an eyelash fringe with a soft weave and reversible design. Perfect for little ones to play on, and parents to switch up the look of their rooms!

3. From the Turkish Cotton &/or Lambswool Collection

Made from 100% pure Turkish cotton, and high-quality lambswool, these collections make the perfect accent pieces to any living room or bedroom!

1. @blairinteriors


This Stockist Carries Our Poko Collections in: Midland, ON

Item:Lined Diamond Blanket ,Dipped Charcoal Pom Pom Pillow +Moroccan Black Pom Pom Pillow


Our Lined diamond blanket has an intricate pattern perfect for those with an eye for detail! The dark colours also make it a signature touch for a brightly-coloured room and match well with our Moroccan Pillow collection. A super miniature version of this is the lined diamond hand towel.

2. @judybeeksma


Item:Irena Throw


This comfy waffle Turkish blanket has a stitched-style, and Middle Eastern-inspired design. Its generous weight and soft hand feel add a much-needed textured layer when styling your home for warmth and comfort.

3. @susangillisnd


Item: Chelsea Blanket


This Turkish blanket is the perfect throw for those hoping to catch some shut-eye! Having a relaxing bedtime routine is important to your sleep hygiene, and there’s nothing more relaxing than settling in with the soft luxe that the Chelsea blanket adds to your bedspread. A new fall winter 2020 addition to our collection - find the matching Chelsea Biscuit pillow as well.

4. @mothermadeyou


Item:Lined Diamond Blanket – Warm Grey


This Turkish blanket is one of our best-sellers for a reason! Its softness lends itself both to the colour palette of the weave, as well as to the hand-feel of the fabric. This throw is gentle enough for even your littlest ones to play on or snuggle up with!

5. @bradshaws1895


This Stockist Carries our Poko Collections in: Stratford, ON

Item:Linen Crinkle Throw &Tara Pillows


Style your bed with maximum comfort using our beautiful and thick linen crinkle throw. (It pairs flawlessly with a series of our Tara pillows!) We can’t promise it’ll make it any easier to get out of bed in the morning… but you’ll be excited to tuck in at night! Perfect for layering on those cold winter nights!

6. @lynneknowlton


Item:Linen Crinkle Throw


Who said treehouse décor couldn’t be an elevated kind of simple? This interior design capitalizes off of the radiant sunlight streaming in, giving the room a clean and bright look. The soft colour palette of our linen crinkle blanket is a beautiful addition to the relaxed and charming feel of this room.

7. @nic.maxam


Item:Sophia Lambswool Throw Blanket +Moroccan Light Grey Pom Pom Pillows


Our lambswool throw adds to the relaxed motif of this island rattan-chic bedroom. The blanket’s Turkish-inspired tassels are easily styled, as in this #pokolover’s idea to drape it over the side of their bed.

4. Ecuadorian Alpaca Blankets

Our Ecuadorian Alpaca Throws are the softest known to humankind. Made from the Fibre of the Gods, we’re happy to be gifting these exceptionally soft blankets to the women of Cornerstone. They offer warmth for both you and her this season!

1. @morgansallmen


Item: This Alpaca Blanket featured is sold out - but is similar to theFringed Mint Purple orFringed Mood Grey

Also featured is theElement Towel in Bluebell


We love the angles and complementary colours amidst the light and brightness of Morgan’s room. The alpaca blanket colour variations make for a soft and weighted addition to your winter bedding layers, while also adding colour contrast to your space.

2. @giorgiaditria


Item:Desert Sky Alpaca Blanket ,Annie Lumbar Pillow &Chelsea Biscuit Pillow


Subtle colours on this alpaca blanket add just a bit of colour and maximum comfort. We love the way Giorgia used the pillows to highlight the complementary colours of the throw. Bring it all together, now!

#Pokoliving with Your Alpaca, Turkish and Moroccan Blankets

Winter calls to become cozier by the minute! Get a head start on your comforting memories when you know you’ve made a purchase with a purpose.


Every Pokoloko blanket is ethically-sourced and made in a fair-trade environment. From the alpaca fibre being woven into thread - to being made by friends and family in Ecuador - to us sharing it with you - and your purchase sharing it with the women of Cornerstone - we look forward to delivering these to Cornerstone with our thanks to you and the artisans, along with the frontline workers who help bring dignity and hope to our community on the regular.Find out more about Cornerstone’s work here.


Show us how you useyour blankets at home- be it from the Moroccan, Alpaca or Turkish Collections - by tagging us on social (@pokolokoltd) and using #pokoliving! See you on the ‘gram…

Written by Katelyn Wells, BA Media Production, Poko Blogger

Katelyn is a local freelance copywriter with a passion for the environment.She currently lives in Toronto, Ontario where she spends her mornings on the mat, youtube-ing how to avoid yoga injuries.