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We believe an object can elevate both beholder and maker. In a world of mass-produced goods, we offer artisan-made home and apparel crafted in fair-trade environments from around the globe. We strive to live fully, slow down to enjoy life’s little luxuries, and choose everyday to create a world connecting maker, owner and earth.

April 05, 2021 2 min read

APRIL 5, 2021

Simple Everyday Tablescapes

Say "so long" to the crowded, cluttered tablescapes of the past. Simple, elegant textiles can elevate any space without the fuss.

Tablescape, you say? Like table-setting?

Yes! But unlike the super detailed, overwhelming tablescapes you see on Pinterest or Instagram, we’ve opted for a more subtle and clean look. This means you easily can integrate some delightful tablescaping into your everyday life, instead of just special occasions. And let’s be real; who doesn’t need a little more easy delight these days?

A quick Google search of tablescapes will tell (and show you) that you need many elements to pull off something beautiful, and that is just not the case.

It goes without saying that at Pokoloko, we believe less is more, especially when it comes to living a luxuriously sustainable life. With a creative mind and only a few great items, any of our hand towels or turkish towels can also be used to outfit your table.

Here’s where to start:

-A linen
-A centrepiece

… And that’s it!

Let’s begin with your dishware. You want to work with what you have, and build the rest of your tablescape around your existing pieces.


Pairing your dishware with other beautiful items can give it new life and let you fall in love with it all over again.


You can then match a linen to your dishware. It can add warmth, elegance and/or brighten up the other elements on your table.


There are so many different colours, textures and patterns to help you effortlessly make a statement or neutralize your setting.

We selected flowers and candlesticks for our centrepieces, but you could also use whatever you have on-hand.


Things like sculptures, potted plants, different sized ceramics, vases or a combination of any of those things will add height, colour and variety.


We combined the Sultan Hand Towel in Azure with some happy floral plates and sweet white carnations - perfect for brunch!


With the deep, moody tone of the Lined Diamond Hand Towel in Maroon, we tied everything together with some vintage wooden candlesticks and hotelware.


This made for a super cosy and intimate afternoon tea.


The neutral tone, pattern and texture of the Element Towel in Bluebell is a great palette for charcuterie and wine, which we accented, again, with candles and flowers.

A call to creative action:

We hope that the idea of Simple Tablescapes inspires you to streamline how you set up your table and beyond. Subconsciously you may feel better, less stressed, and more relaxed purely because your environment has an ambiance that affects you in ways you didn’t realize.


Easy delights through Simple Tablescapes - it’s where it’s at!

Written by Erin Benton, Artist and Creator

Erin is an artist and all-around creative-type from Ottawa, Canada. She is fascinated by process and spends a lot of time exploring what it means to be creative, why humans are driven to create, and in what ways we all apply creativity to our lives. She also loves to write and dabble in several different forms. You can find her artwork and poetry on Instagram @fibreaesthetics and her available work at