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Stockist Spotlight - 𝐇𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐛𝐲 𝐂𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐲 𝐉𝐨𝐲

Did you know you can find Pokoloko across North America? We’re proud to be supported by and to support small businesses as a small business. Our Stockist Spotlight is a place to share a little bit of their inspiring stories with you…

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Home by Caley Joy

Founded by Caley Aylward

How long has your company been in business?

We just celebrated our one year anniversary on November 15, 2021

Where is your company located? What makes this location special to you and your shop?

We are located in Summerside, PEI; a small little city by the sea, on the south-western side of Prince Edward Island. The space we’ve taken over used to be my husband, Sean’s, barbershop. It’s now been flipped into my dream shop, in a town where I have familial roots. It’s just so special and personal for me.

We are in a beautiful brick building that was completed in 1895 and housed the region’s main department store for many decades. It was a bustling independent shopping centre with hundreds of employees and served our local community for many years. I’m so happy to be a part of this building’s long and amazing history, where we continue to serve our community everyday.

Caley Aylward

What's your elevator pitch - your company summary in a nutshell?

Home is where the heart is, and for Islanders, this sentiment rings truer than ever. Nestled in a small seaside town in south-western, PEI, Summersiders have a strong sense of community, with family and friend ties that can span decades and generations, and they’re as fun as they are supportive. I wanted to create something that could be the same.

I’ve tried my best to make Home by Caley Joy a positive piece of this community, as a beautiful place to find beautiful products. I want to help Islanders and visitors find items that bring joy to their homes, and create products that bring them real happiness. We’re all spending a lot more time in our homes these days, and I just want to be a little part in making it feel SO good.

Home by Caley Joy

What inspires you for your product sourcing?

I love items that are neutral, warm, and versatile, things that fit seamlessly. I find these things everywhere I go, and so I end up drawing a lot of inspiration from travel. Finding things in a new place with its own culture and style is exciting. I’m always trying to find a way to bring pieces of my memories and experiences home to share with the people I care about.

Your home should tell your story. It should be well-lived, a place to gather and share in good times and hard. I strongly believe home isn’t just a place, it’s a feeling. So when I’m sourcing or creating items for the shop, I’m looking to have something that captures that sentiment. Everything I sell makes me feel like home.

What's your favourite Pokoloko product, and why?

I love Pokoloko for lots of reasons. I really appreciate their sustainability efforts, and their mission to showcase true artisan craftship. My favourite product from this past summer was showcased in our By Caley Joy Summer Box, the Shannon Turkish Towels. They quickly became a fan favourite of mine and our guests.

The versatility and quality of the towels made it my main accessory when I was on the go. Being in a province that is quite literally a floating sandbar, means there is a beach five minutes in every direction. The Turkish towels don’t hold sand, they dry so quickly, and they look great too! They’re the perfect accessory for life on an Island.

Home by Caley Joy

How long have you been carrying Pokoloko?

We started carrying Pokoloko products in-store shortly after we opened a year ago. They’ve been a staple in our store ever since. We love the towels, the pillows, the baskets, and are so excited to get the fleece-lined throws for the first time!

Please share a memorable, hilarious or embarrassing shop moment you feel folk would enjoy reading.

I’ve been open for just over a year now, and my favourite memory is from when I first put my own product on my shelves. Before candles, I made the By Caley Joy bath milk and bath salt, and I put so much time and care into them. If I was going to put myself out there with a product, I wanted it to be the best I could make. The day I released it, I was both so proud and so scared at the same time, that when the first person bought one, it took everything I had to to keep it cool on the outside while I was dancing with excitement on the inside.

What style tip would you share for folk using a Pokoloko product? This could be a specific product, or it could be a product category.

So I mentioned how versatile the Shannon Turkish Towels are, here’s an example. We were relaxing at our cottage one day when we had friends pop by for an impromptu fun hang and dinner. One of our friends is a great chef, who always puts together these great impressive meals, so we try to match the meal with a table setting. With no table cloth handy, I layered two Pokoloko turkish towels. It looked great after it was dressed up with some candles, a wildflower arrangement, and great company. They really are so much more than just a towel!


Home by Caley Aylward

Next time you come to PEI, come say hello! Till then, you can find me on instagram @homebycaley, and online at!

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