Stockist Spotlight - Bradshaws

Stockist Spotlight - Bradshaws

Stockist Spotlight - Bradshaws

Did you know you can find Pokoloko across North America? We’re proud to be supported by and to support small businesses as a small business. Our Stockist Spotlight is a place to share a little bit of their inspiring stories with you…

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Founded by John Leeming Bradshaws


Stockist Spotlight - Bradshaws


How long has your company been in business?

Bradshaws has been in business for 125 years (our store has been operated by 6 generations of Stratford families)!

Where is your company located?

Bradshaws is located in Stratford, Ontario.

What's your elevator pitch - your company summary in a nutshell?

Bradshaws is a destination retail store that carries unique quality goods from all over the world.Bradshaws wants you to buy an item once and buy it well so you don’t need to replace it over and over again.

Our store has everything you need for living your best life... for your kitchen, table, home, bar, gifts for every occasion, jewellery, accessories, kids items and home decor.

Our staff are the heart of our company with so much experience in helping you choose the perfect items with confidence.

What inspires you for your product sourcing?

We are always inspired by good design and companies that are at the forefront of leading in their industry.We are inspired by family owned businesses, Canadian brands, and companies with many years of heritage and heirloom value.

We love choosing items that will last a lifetime and have meaning and purpose, whether you are giving a gift to a special person or simply buying something to spoil yourself.

What's your favourite Pokoloko product, and why?

Right now, I am obsessed with the crinkle clothing collection. It’s buttery soft and light - perfect for hot summer days.

You look amazing wearing these pieces but it secretly feels like you’re wearing pyjamas, so the best of both worlds - style AND comfort.

How long have you been carrying Pokoloko?

We've been carrying Pokoloko for about 3 years.


Stockist Spotlight - Bradshaws

What’s a memorable, hilarious or embarrassing shop moment?

I think the funniest moment was when we found a snake in the store. We’re still not sure how it got there (if it was placed there by someone, or if it slithered in) but we had to rescue it and release it into the wild.

Since then, we have also rescued a baby squirrel, possum, and we’re currently rehabbing a baby grackle and getting ready to set him free.

What style tip would you share for folk using a Pokoloko product?

I love having one item that has multi purpose... a Turkish towel can be used at home in a bathroom but also as a neck scarf, beach cover, table cloth or picnic blanket.

We’re so grateful for Bradshaws and the gorgeous home and lifestyle products they share with us.

Visit their website for some stunning home inspiration!

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