Stockist Spotlight - Halliday House & Co

Stockist Spotlight - Halliday House & Co

Did you know you can find Pokoloko across North America? We’re proud to be supported by and to support small businesses as a small business. Our Stockist Spotlight is a place to share a little bit of their inspiring stories with you…

Spotlight On

Halliday House & Co

Founded by Jenn Halliday


Stockist Spotlight - Halliday House & Co

How long has your company been in business?

We opened in March of 2017

Where is your company located?

We are located in Downtown Cookstown, ON

What's your elevator pitch - your company summary in a nutshell?

We sell a unique, curated collection of home decor and artisan made gift items, as well as fresh flowers.

What inspires you for your product sourcing?

I tend to keep things a bit more neutral, warm and inviting. Although I keep product current, I tend to stay away from items that are tooooo trendy and/or seasonal. I love carrying artisan and locally made items, and my customers appreciate that they can support my little shop. Thus supporting others in their community as well!

What's your favourite Pokoloko product, and why?

How do I choose just one??!! Probably the Turkish Cotton Towels - I think the Hasir continues to be my fave…. The versatility and quality makes it a staple in my home and the store!


Stockist Spotlight - Halliday House & Co

How long have you been carrying Pokoloko?

I think almost from the beginning. It’s been amazing to watch your product line and company grow!

What’s a memorable, hilarious or embarrassing shop moment?

The store was used in a Christmas movie a couple of years ago! Hours of set up, 30+ crew members, wires and cameras everywhere and the outside lit up like a football field!! All to make a 10 second clip in the movie!

What style tip would you share for folk using a Pokoloko product?

Probably just the versatility of the body towels--whatever weight!! Love them as table cloths!!

We’re so grateful for Halliday House & Co and the gorgeous products they share with us.

Visit their website for some stunning home inspiration!

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