Stockist Spotlight - Stonewaters

Stockist Spotlight - Stonewaters

Did you know you can find Pokoloko across North America? We’re proud to be supported by and to support small businesses as a small business. Our Stockist Spotlight is a place to share a little bit of their inspiring stories with you…

Spotlight On: Stonewaters

Founded by Mike Gordon and Tim Nokes


Stockist Spotlight - Stonewaters

How long has your company been in business?

Stonewaters has been in business since 1999!

Where is your company located?

Stonewaters is located in Canmore, Alberta

What's your elevator pitch - your company summary in a nutshell?

Stonewaters is an always-evolving space that gathers a curated collection of goods, bringing unique, functional and timeless goods to our community and abroad.

It’s our goal to give our customers a unique experience and at the same time support independent artists and designers.

Locally owned and operated in Canmore, our store it’s a particular mix of antique mountain treasures and modern design objects. Oh, and don’t forget the artisan chocolate and the good tunes!

What inspires you for your product sourcing?

We find inspiration from our surroundings, supporting local makers and creating a unique collection of products.


Stockist Spotlight - Stonewaters

What's your favourite Pokoloko product, and why?

We can't choose just one, we love them all, but all the team here is loving the socks, the towels and beanies right now.

How long have you been carrying Pokoloko?

We've been carrying Pokoloko since 2018!

What’s a memorable, hilarious or embarrassing shop moment?

Well, we are pet friendly, and we are not saying any names but let's just say that some people's dogs feel more than comfortable in our store to take a nap on the sofas or go to the bathroom when it's cold outside...

What style tip would you share for folk using a Pokoloko product?

The Pokoloko beanies and gloves have become the perfect (and necessary) mountain Canmore look during the winter.


Stockist Spotlight - Stonewaters

Any other information you feel inspired to share about your shop?

We just launched our new Design Studio, in which we create interior design projects for our customers.

Furniture is a big part of Stonewaters and our plan for this year is to make it grow even more.

We’re so grateful for Stonewaters and the West Coast & mountain inspiration they share with us.

Click here to visit their website for some stunning home inspiration!

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