These Little Corners: Earthy Interiors with Jude Kamal

These Little Corners: Earthy Interiors with Jude Kamal

We are surrounded by exceptional humans who create beautiful things (yourself included). “These Little Corners” highlights beautiful areas of their home, and a glimpse into the life of those who created them.


These Little Corners: Earthy Interiors with Jude Kamal

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do!

Hi Pokoloko family! My name is Jude and I am a curly haired, 5’3”, fun-spirited interior designer from Toronto, ON. Aside from chasing adventure, I run my own interior design practice; Sansa Interiors Inc.

Since the Beatles made a song for me, I promised them to always make spaces better. I’ve created a very distinctive interior design approach and process to tackling our projects. I have designed many homes and restaurants, and I love every step of the process.

I grew up in Amman, Jordan, where my parents unleashed my wild soul and ignited my creativity at a really young age. My siblings and I would climb trees, play with the neighbours and make art. I also was surrounded by entrepreneurs and creators; from my grandma being a big fashion designer to my own parents each running businesses - I saw it all and thought: one day, I’ll just be running my own race too.

Fun Fact: I am a long distance runner and a 4th degree taekwondo black belt, having the endurance and focus to finish interior design projects strong.

Q: What inspired you to create this little corner?

The answer to all my creations will always be nature. Everyone who knows me knows that I do a long daily walk rain or shine. Nature is always different and so I always see and draw different elements from it.

I love to introduce a pop of colour in every space I work on, because it gives the space or room life and makes it more interesting. Sometimes if I am stuck, I paint the colours I see on a piece of paper until I have an "Aha!" moment.


These Little Corners: Earthy Interiors with Jude Kamal

Q: What do you have to consider or look for in your purchases for your space?

As a practicing and qualified interior designer, I consider many aspects before purchasing or recommending a product like:

  • Functionality: Is this product functional and will it serve my clients’ needs?
  • Quality & Value: Am I getting a high quality product for a good value?
  • Sustainability: Is this product giving back to a cause? Is it recyclable/reusable?
  • Aesthetics & Colour: Does it give me the feel that I am looking to achieve? Does it represent my lifestyle?

Q: What do you love most about this area of your home?

I love the contrast between the pink chair and my plant. It also looks out the window so it makes for the perfect spot to read a book or watch the sunset.

I added the Tara Pokoloko pillow for additional comfort because I have been using this corner to take my interior design calls.


These Little Corners: Earthy Interiors with Jude Kamal

Q: What's your favourite Pokoloko product in your home and why?

I have many. I would say my top used products are the Annie & Tara pillows because the more pillows the better!

However, on chilly days, I love to wrap myself in my Atlas Fleece-lined Throw.

Q: What advice, resources or helpful tips do you have for anyone you feel might be considering something similar?

The best way to start is by finding inspiration for what you are trying to accomplish. Pinterest or Instagram are usually great tools. Then create your plan of attack with your budget, desired colours, materials and the vibe you are going for. Once you are happy with that, then you can start looking and shopping for pieces for your home.

To make any space feel more homey, use large leafy plants, they allow for cleaner air while bringing you a more grounded look. If your corner is not big enough to fit an accent chair, you can use floor cushions and pillows and give it a zen feel.


These Little Corners: Earthy Interiors with Jude Kamal


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