Versatility in the Home with Dina McMahon

These Little Corners: Versatility in the Home with Dina McMahon

We are surrounded by exceptional humans who create beautiful things (yourself included). “These Little Corners” highlights beautiful areas of their home, and a glimpse into the life of those who created them.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do!

My name is Dina! I am an interior design lover and woodworker. I love to inspire others with how I style my home.

I love to design using new, thrifted, up-cycled and one-of-a-kind, handmade items. Layering this mix of objects makes spaces unique, pleasing to the eye and makes a house a home!


These Little Corners: Versatility in the Home with Dina McMahon

Q: What inspired you to create this little corner?

I loved showing how these neutral pieces can be styled throughout my home. The texture of the fabric and weave on the basket add so much warmth and interest to each space.

One of the keys I look for when purchasing new items for my home is versatility; I want to be able to use them in multiple spaces.

I like to create continuity in the overall vibe of a home so that accent pieces can easily be moved and still work in each space.

Q: What do you have to consider or look for in your purchases for your space?

I always look for neutral pieces when purchasing for my home or client's homes so that they can be used in more than one space and easily be moved from room to room.

I also find neutral accent pieces to be a great investment as you are less likely to tire of them and want to replace them. Neutral pieces are also great for layering, which in turn adds more interest, warmth and dimension.

What I love most about Pokoloko products is that they are artisan made in fair trade environments all over the globe and are not mass produced.

Q: What do you love most about this area of your home?

What I love most about each of these areas of my home is how warm, cozy and effortless they feel. I like my spaces to be free of clutter and pleasing to the eye.

Including these decor pieces add some much-needed interest, texture and warmth to each space. I would love to curl up with a good book and a cup of coffee in any of these spaces!


These Little Corners: Versatility in the Home with Dina McMahon

Q: What's your favourite Pokoloko product in your home and why?

I honestly love every Pokoloko product that I own. The quality and workmanship are evident in each piece. My current favourite is my large Handled Laundry Basket. I love its organic feel, versatility and mostly that it is made by hand out of recycled materials.

Q: What advice, resources or helpful tips do you have for anyone you feel might be considering something similar?

I always say to buy what you love, and you will find the perfect place for it in your home. Also, stick with neutrals that can be layered and used throughout your home. Keep the overall vibe of your home the same throughout, and it will make decorating much easier.

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