Welcome Sweater Weather

Welcome Sweater Weather

The best part about fall is gracefully wrapping into a cocoon of alpaca wool sweaters, scarves, socks and of course - our best seller & Poko favorite Fisherman Hat.

Our team loves to create products that can be staple pieces in your capsule wardrobe. This means our new arrivals for fall can be worn year-round, follow Pokoloko's sustainable practices, and help reverse climate change. Read more about how you can join us in going greener and create a capsule wardrobe here

The All-New Pearl Sweater 



The journey of the all-new Pearl Sweater begins in the mountainous regions of Peru. We partnered with Alpaca Studio of Peru to create this classic open cardigan that can worn as a chic cardigan indoors, and double as a light outwear piece. Made with fairly traded Peruvian Alpaca Wool, this sweater will have you ditching your sheep's wool sweaters for a few reasons.



For one, alpaca wool acts differently than other types of wool in rainy, damp weather. The fabric is much more breathable and doesn't cling to the skin when it gets wet - keeping you dryer. Second, the harvesting of alpaca wool is more ethical to the animal and the environment. And finally, alpaca fiber does not contain lanolin or grease; therefore it is easy to wash without intensive detergents or chemicals.



The Pearl Sweater is available in 3 colors: Chai Latte, Evergreen, Black and is now available in our New Arrivals for Fall!

See the Pearl Sweater >

New Colors of the Best Seller Mia Sweater



With deep open pockets and rounded shoulders, the Mia Sweater has a versatile, casual style infused with the Peruvian textile artistry. This sweater has a stretchy, silky nature to it, so this one-size alpaca style is able to fit many different types of bodies. 

Last year, we heard some great things about the Mia Sweater from the Poko community. 

"So, I started by buying one in the oatmeal colour and then a second in the dark grey about a week later. Then Mom saw my sweaters and insisted I get her one in the oatmeal colour. The verdict is in from the mother and daughter duo; this is the quintessential sweater." - Susan B.

This year, the Poko team introduce 3 new colors: Daisy, Evergreen, Blushing Brown. See the new and exciting color additions of the Mia Sweater > 

Silky Smooth Alpaca Scarves & Wraps



Perfect for the coffee run on a cool morning, alpaca scarves are our go-to layering piece. Pictured above, the Solid Alpaca Seamless Scarf a timeless go-to for a quick accent, directly traded from our artisans in the Andean mountain range of Ecuador. See new color additons: Ballet Slipper (pictured above), Rust, and Coffee. 



Explore our Alpaca Warmth Collection, where you can find scarves, wraps, hats and socks made with alpaca wool. This collection is the perfect place to start to switch from sheep's wool to alpaca accessories this year, as well as beautiful gift ideas that hold meaningful artisan stories. 

See Alpaca Warmth Collection >


xo, Poko

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