The 'Garment-Dyed' 4-1-1

The 'Garment-Dyed' 4-1-1

In comparison to dyed fabrics, garment dyeing is both a functional, sustainable (and stunning) technique performed by makers who prioritize quality and their eco-footprint.

Your Guide To 'Garment Dyed' 

Do you ever just reach out and touch any texture or fabric that looks like it’d be amazing to feel? Yeah? We knew we weren’t alone! (phewf!) And for those who answered no - that’s ok, stick with us though because visually and texturally, garment dyed clothes are memorable - when you’ve had the chance to try them on, you’ll soon always be reaching for them in the closet. 

So you love soft and flowy things. Or perhaps a vintage aesthetic. You want quality but also that worn-in comfort with effortless styling potential. Well, let’s thank the textile leaders of the 1980’s for their work in heralding the beauty of garment dyeing. *cue the cinematic music*


So What Is Garment Dyeing?

Looking at something you're wearing, chances are it was crafted out of fabric that was previously dyed, then cut and sewn before you snagged it and put it on.

Garment dyed is just like the name suggests. The raw material is first cut and sewn and then dyed during the washing process. The result is a relaxed and broken-in feel, with rich color coverage that won't experience shrinkage in the wash.



How Is It More Sustainable?

Considered to be a more extensive and involved technique - which does impact the cost of the fabric - it is also chosen by the makers because it is a more eco-conscious choice in comparison to traditional yarn dyeing. Ikikiz, the design duo which makes our garment dyed collection, is committed to reducing their environmental impact after having worked in one of the most wasteful industries on the planet.  


A few sustainable facts about garment dyeing:

  • it requires 3-4 finishing processes to complete versus 6-7 finishing processes for 'standard' yarn/fabric dying.
  • 7 Litres less water is used per 1 kg of product (aka 20 times less water)!
  • Our garment dyeing partner is part of the INDITEX group, and is committed to ensuring their dyes, enzymes and silicones meet their high environmental quality standards.


Garment dyed clothing is an ideal investment piece for your capsule closet, so you buy less, but use it more, knowing that good materials matter. 



The Look? Oh, It's A Vibe

One of the many things we love about garment dyeing is how the dye settles in different amounts in different spots, while still providing a rich uniform color.

It may look deeper at the seams or around the collar, or a little more faded at the body. This makes every piece truly unique while giving that relaxed and distressed feel from the start.

Oh - and no worries about it shrinking on you. These pieces have already been through that, meaning they’re ready to be slipped on so that you can float away in your day! 

Consider yourself officially ‘In-the-know’ of garment dyed clothing 101!

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