Bamboo Weavers of Bali


Based in Bali, Indonesia - also known as the Island of the Gods; these artisans are surrounded by hills and mountains, gorgeous and rugged coastlines and beaches, rice fields and barren volcanic hills.

This environment is rich with colours, a spiritual and historical culture and inspiration from both the region and the range of tourists who pass through. A handful of artisans are responsible for these woven wonders - directly sourcing the natural materials cultivated by locals to create their craft - resulting in a sustainable and circular economy for the artisans and the environment.

Their work provides socio-economic value for small-scale bamboo farmers with access to the global market that Bali is known for. The process looks like first harvesting the bamboo locally  and processing it into durable and flexible strips. The artisans then select the strips and begin swiftly weaving the pieces into the shape of the box. Then heat is used to create firm edges to maintain its shape, then if the product is desired with a different tone from a natural hue, the basket is added to a warm vat of water & natural dye and is then dried.

Finishing touches are added, like the Henna detailing, added by the artisans freestyle - they are able to add this gorgeous element in a flow state. It is then shipped directly by boat for the Poko team to receive and process, each box is prepared by our team of friends and then shipped to you!