POKOLOKO Armor Alpaca Vest
POKOLOKO Armor Alpaca Vest
POKOLOKO Armor Alpaca Vest

Armor Alpaca Vest

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This is an heirloom-quality, all-season essential vest, with an ultra-cozy fleece lining, two pockets, a high-quality zipper, and a generous collar. Alpaca was once reserved for royalty and we think this one’s pretty regal.

Made with pure Peruvian alpaca, a natural, sustainable & technical fibre - one of the highest performing. This is a stunning capsule/sustainable closet addition. Fairly traded, superiorly crafted, we know this vest lasts for many years, to be worn over many a campfire, drinks, strolls or for the day to day.

This vest is a useful transition piece between the warmer and cooler seasons, acting as the perfect Spring and Fall jacket. Alpaca can be very warm, but also breathable, non-itchy, and ultra-comfortable. Zip it up and go play.

Materials 50% Peruvian alpaca, 50% wool, with 100% high quality, polyester fleece lining.
Unisex Suitable for all
Origin Peru

Woven in Peru by

The Alpaca Makers of Peru

A collective since 2003, this group works with over 100 ethical & ecological Peruvian Producers who are fairly compensated for their technical abilities. Their mission is to allow artisans to be recognized for their talents and abilities, for economic development as well as to offer high-end apparel and accessories.

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Hand wash cold and hang to dry.

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Directly traded

Fair trade is one thing & ensures a high degree of confidence that the people, the materials & the environment are not exploited in the supply chain. Direct trade on top of that means the artisan-to-Poko-to-you chain is transparent and, well...direct. 

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We strive to choose materials that have a minimal impact on the environment, and that stand up to the test of time & use. This means working with materials that the artisans choose and have access to, in tandem with developing new products with sustainability & durability in mind. 

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