Crinkle Bath Robe

Crinkle cravings.

This is a collared, full body length, crinkled muslin, pure cotton Turkish robe. This robe is lightweight but substantial, with a unique and exceptional hand feel, and two deep, inline pockets hidden from view.


Features + Benefits

  • Hoodless, collared robe, with long length, and two, deep inline pockets.
  • Our focus always includes versatility, utility and functionality. This robe creates a vibe that is elegant, contemporary, stylish, modern, and luxe.
  • Turkish cotton has extra long fibers, making it longer lasting and more durable than regular cotton. This Crinkle fabric is composed of 4 layers of pure, muslin Turkish cotton.
  • Made with 100% natural materials. Soft and gentle on the skin.
  • Middle weight. Ideal for at-home dwelling, and both warmer and colder weather seasons.
  • Unisex. A gift the receiver will deeply appreciate. Ultra soft hand feel, luxurious texture, strong and durable.
  • This robe's quality and hand feel is remarkable.
  • While the science and art of the traditional Turkish textile dates back to the 17th century, the quick-dry, high absorbency, and unparalleled Turkish weave is a modern day essential worldwide.
  • This fabric matches our Crinkle Throws, Crinkle Baby Blankets, and Crinkle Bed Covers. Mix and match to create a consistent and cohesive look for your space.
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    Artisan + Origin

  • Fairly-traded. Made by traditional, highly-skilled, independent Turkish artisans, with whom we work directly.
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    Materials + Care

  • 100% Turkish cotton
  • Machine wash or hand wash. Wash with like colors. Wash in cold water. Do not wash in hot water as hot water will cause shrinkage. If possible and for best results, wash on delicate machine-wash; however, robe can also be washed on regular washing machine setting.
  • Hanging to dry is recommended over machine drying. If you need to machine dry, dry on low heat, but please note there may be some shrinkage after machine-drying.
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softeners.
  • No need to iron. Decrease wrinkles naturally using less energy with Pokoloko's Alpaca Dryer Balls.
  • Given the artisanal make of our robes, please allow for slight natural variations in color, size, weave with each unique piece; however, if there are differences present, these differences are not usually noticeable.
  • Middle weight: 300 grams, 250 gsm.
  • GSM means grams per square meter, it is the metric measurement of the weight of a fabric. The GSM measurement can help you decide the best weight of fabric for your needs and usage.
  • The higher the GSM of the fabric, the denser and heavier the fabric will be. A lower GSM does not necessarily mean lower quality, but it will mean the towel is lighter in weight and usually thinner. All Pokoloko Turkish fabrics are carefully pre-sreened and pre-tested for quality, absorptiveness, durability, and style. Our fabrics range from 140gsm (thinner) to 420gsm (thicker).
  • This robe is pre-washed, which means the fabric will be soft to the touch, and retain the same hand feel, size, and quality after washing if cared for properly. After the first wash, please allow for some shrinkage; however, if cared for properly in cold water, the shrinkage should be only very minimal and not noticeable.
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    Size + Fit

  • S/M = Shoulder to shoulder 20" (51cm) - Sleeve from shoulder 23" (58cm) - Length tag to hem 40" (102cm) - Natural waist 21" (53cm)
  • L/XL = Shoulder to shoulder 21" (53cm) - Sleeve from shoulder 24" (61cm) - Length from tag to hem 40" (102cm) - Natural waist 22" (59cm)
  • Comes in two sizes: S/M and L/XL. Fits true to size.
  • Blonde model is 5'4" & 125lbs. Brunette model is 5'2" & 120lbs.
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    Q: Are Pokoloko robes good quality?
    Yes, our robes are made by traditional artisans specializing in the the ancient Turkish weaving tradition. The quality, uniqueness, and hand feel are remarkable.
    Q: Why do you need a bathrobe?
    Bath robes are a wonderful way to treat yourself and self-soothe, and they keep you cozy and warm at home. Ideal for after bath and before getting dressed. You may also wear it as an extra layer over clothes or pyjamas. A good robe can become a key part of a morning and night routines, and can even be used in place of a towel.
    Q: How do you determine the length of bathrobe you want?
    Depending on how you want to wear your robe, Pokoloko robes come knee length to as long as a the mid-calf or ankle. A longer robe will keep you warmer and more protected from drafts, and a short robe will be more suitable for all-day wear and warmer seasons. The good news is that no matter what length, our robes always feel amazing to wear.
    Q: What is a bathrobe?
    A bathrobe is the cozy dressing gown, perfect for after the bath when comfort comes before anything else. Pokoloko has beautiful natural robe options suitable and complementary to any style.
    Q: Can I wear a bathrobe after a shower?
    Absolutely, Turkish cotton provides exceptional absorbancy, and because of its long fibres, they dry quickly and effectively. Turkish cotton also has the wonderful effect of becoming softer with each use.