Long Jacquard Alpaca Sweater

"I like sweaters. I have a sweater obsession, I guess." -Drake

This is an heirloom-quality, all-season essential sweater, with an Indigenous-inspired pattern, a long length, and a versatile, cozy style suitable for a variety of bodies. This sweater’s composition is an alpaca blend, made with pure Peruvian baby alpaca, one of the world’s silkiest, warmest, most luxurious and sustainable fibers.


Features + Benefits

  • One size fits most. This sweater has a stretchy, silky nature to it, so this one-size alpaca style is able to fit many different types of bodies.
  • Made with Peruvian baby alpaca, a natural, technical fiber.
  • Comes with hidden, double clasps across the chest so you can secure the sweater closed if you don't want to wear it open.
  • Long length to cover the full body, add extra coziness, and give that popular duster look and feel.
  • Doubles as a transitionary, light Spring or Fall coat, and a year-round, beautiful sweater.
  • Classy boho vibe.
  • Geometric, Indigenous-inspired pattern. Soft touch, very warm.
  • Versatile styling, great for many occasions including warmer and colder seasons, day or night events, work, play, and lounge.
  • High-quality craftsmanship with a truly unique hand feel and timeless design. This is luxury that lasts.
  • This style shouts out to its artisan makers with its authentic composition and premium quality craftsmanship, while at the same time providing that modern style we love.
  • Alpaca has unique thermal properties due to the mircoscopic air pockets found in its fiber, allowing air circulation on warm days and heat insulation on cool days. This prevents sweating in warmer weather, and in colder weather, contains heat for warmth.
  • No animals are harmed in the making of any Pokoloko product. Alpacas are shorn in cycles like sheep according to the seasons. Baby alpaca refers to the very first shear of an alpaca’s fleece. Baby alpaca is one of the softest forms of alpaca, and is one of the world’s most sought-after fibres.
  • Luxury made to last. Alpaca is exceptionally durable if cared for properly, and more durable than sheep's wool. Non-itchy, lightweight, breathable, windproof, silky-smooth, resistant to piling and matting, non-shrinking, water and stain-resistant.
  • Ultra soft hand feel, luxurious texture. Soft and gentle on the skin. Alpaca is hypoallergenic.
  • Status symbol. In Incan history, alpaca was considered the “fiber of the gods,” and reserved for royalty. Domesticated more than 6000 years ago, the alpaca represents a unique South American textile tradition.
  • Alpaca is one of the Earth's most sustainable fibers. Alpacas have soft, padded feet, not hooves, which minimize soil erosion. They consume relatively less water than other animals, and have efficient digestion, low level feeds, and they only nibble on top of pasture grass without uprooting it. No harsh chemicals are necessary to process alpaca as alpaca contains no lanolin oil.
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    Artisan + Origin

  • Fairly-traded. Made by highly-skilled, independent Peruvian artisans, with whom we work directly.
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    Materials + Care

  • 30% baby Peruvian alpaca, 70% microfiber.
  • Hand wash cold & lay flat to dry. Or dry clean.
  • Do not machine wash or machine dry.
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  • One size fits most.
  • The models shown in the product photos are 5’2”-5’6” & 120-140lbs.
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    Q: What are some fun alpaca facts?
    An alpaca is an intelligent animal of the camelid (camel) family native to the South American Andes. Alpacas come in 22 natural shades, and their luxurious fleece is sheared once a year in Spring. Alpacas are herd animals, their social structure requires they live with other alpacas. An alpaca will be lonely, and may even sicken and die, if isolated. They share a bathroom, alpacas use communal dung piles removed from where they graze. They are musicians, alpacas vocally communicate with a melodic hum to express a spectrum of emotions, from curiosity to mourning.
    Q: Does it hurt the alpaca to get its fleece?
    Alpacas are not harmed while their fleece is harvested for Poko products. In fact, alpaca wool is one of the most ethical fibers available. Our partner farmers take great care in gently shearing the wool and releasing the animal back to roam freely. Alpaca fiber does not contain lanolin, which means alpaca does not require strong chemicals to clean it.
    Q: What is sustainable fashion?
    Sustainable fashion means changing the way we think about fashion and fashion's supply chains. We think about how the materials are sourced, we think about the welfare of the artisans, we think of the environmental impact, we think of the longevity of each product. We think about today and tomorrow. Sustainable fashion means that the products are created in celebration and safety of the Earth and the artisans who create them. The raw material is sourced with minimal damage to the Earth, and the products are created and distributed in ways that diminish waste and negative environmental impact. For Poko, it also means that the artisans are working in safe conditions and paid a fair wage, as they create products that are made to last.
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