When It’s More Than ‘Just a towel’: The Making Of The Rose Towel

When It’s More Than ‘Just a towel’: The Making Of The Rose Towel

Storytelling inspires us, and brings meaning to what we do. This is the story of the Rose Towel...

Finding The Common Threads

The stories behind Poko's goods aim to find the human connections the big box destroys, this is where we find meaning that enhances the aesthetic beauty of an item. Sometimes we partner with thought leaders to share their stories and the work they’re doing. This custom towel is a collaboration with the Rose Events - founded by Mik Zazon and Gabby Male.

Pokoloko values and commitments aren't far from those of Rose Events. For this reason, we were overjoyed to find a way to collaborate in celebration of these shared desires for feeling at home, self-love, female empowerment, exploration and safe spaces.

We bring you stories & goods from the road less travelled; stepping outside of your comfort zone is the first part of exploring new possibilities and the beauty found within.


When It’s More Than ‘Just a towel’: The Making Of The Rose Towel

The Meaning Of ‘ROSE’

The Rose Towel was created in celebration of our collaborative sponsorship for the virtual Dear Body Retreat. Rose Retreats are inspired by the values found within their name.



Increasing Self-love and

Empowering women to stand together and speak their truth!

Within each retreat, conference, and event, women gain the tools and resources necessary to step into their power, honouring the different stages and points each person is on their journey.

The Special Edition Towel With Rose Events

When we first met with the team from the Rose Events, it didn’t take long to decide which towel would be a part of this custom collaboration. We decided upon the Atlas towel weave, in a beautiful green - a striking shade that is both beautiful and grounding.

In fact, we loved The Rose Towel so much, we even created a Rose Hand Towel to match the full sized towel!

In honour of our shared values, $1 from each Rose Towel sold will be directed to the National Eating Disorders Association to support the work they do in North America.


When It’s More Than ‘Just a towel’: The Making Of The Rose Towel

The Rose Towel At-A-Glance

This is a luxury Turkish towel, made with some of the world’s most high-quality Turkish cotton. The history of this towel style started with Turkish hammams or public baths. Turkey’s famous and incredible bath culture dates back centuries, the Turkish artisans who make them weave this rich history into your towel.

Because it’s flat, and not looped in a terry style like most common North American towels, this towel is versatile as a scarf, a shawl or wrap, a throw, a tablecloth, a picnic blanket and more! In fact, there are over 10 uses for your Poko towel. It is the ultimate travel companion as it dries quickly and can roll up to be very compact - so you too can travel off the beaten path in comfort and style.

The jacquard weave means that this towel is reversible - offering a lighter or darker pattern on either side. This towel gives us that sense of rich, ancient self-care rituals as we continue on our own self-love journey - a reminder of the community and growth we’re a part of.

The Journey Of Your Towel

Our design has always been rooted in fair trade practices, community building, and sustainability-first approaches.

This refers to things like:

  • our artisans determining their own wages and prices
  • using biodegradable plastics & packaging
  • working with suppliers in a way that promotes a long-term relationship based on capacity building (which ensures our mutual growth).

The towel’s supply chain journey starts with its design by the women of The Rose Events and Pokoloko, a process that takes a couple months with several emails and meetings to ensure all is aligned perfectly.

Then it travels to rural Turkey where a group of weavers create the towels over the span of 2-3 months, performed in different stages. It’s then shipped by boat and truck to our Poko Warehouse in Quebec, where each towel is rolled by our Warehouse team before being shipped to you!


When It’s More Than ‘Just a towel’: The Making Of The Rose Towel

So Yes, It May Say Towel, But It Is So Much More Than Just That!

This towel has been brought to life by exceptional creators and makers, and represents overcoming the adversities we face in a world where the journey of self-love and acceptance is a radical act.

However you wear it, however you use it, you can think of the Rose Towel threads as a representation of all of those who are evolving alongside you, growing and making beauty happen with you. So go ahead, wrap your beauty with this beauty.

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