The Women Makers of Peru

Based in the Peruvian highlands

No machines. No chemicals. This artisan collective preserves ancestral Andean fibre techniques that includes dyeing fibres with locally harvested materials. Purple corn, onion husks and cochineal shells (a cactus-eating invasive insect) are used in the making of the coloured alpaca balls they provide. 

Their inspiration is their environment and ecology, and highly value the work of artisans, knitters, and alpaqueros (alpaca farmers) of the Peruvian highlands. The production of the goods from these makers features materials sourced within a 2km radius of their workshop. 

With sustainable & ethical production practices, when they approached us originally - we weren’t sure exactly how we could collaborate with them, but really wanted to as their work was so in alignment with our mission. After receiving requests for dryer balls at trade shows, we knew that working with this collective would be the solution. The founders traveled to Peru to workshop the creation of the dryer balls - with each one made one-by-one.

To watch an interview with the supervisor and Poko co-founder, click here