Alpaca Dryer Balls

A healthy home necessity.

A natural, reusable fabric softener that will change your laundry forever. These alpaca balls are hand-made one-by-one by a cooperative of skilled, female Peruvian artisans in collaboration with their local alpaqueros (alpaca farmers).


Features + Benefits

  • Directions: place 3 balls in dryer with regular load. Keep balls in dryer between loads. Alternatively, store balls in box that comes with the pack of 3, or store balls in organic cotton bag that comes with the pack of 6.
  • The balls absorb moisture and create air circulation in the dryer. This wind effect in the dryer reduces dryer time. At the same time, the balls replace disposable dryer sheets and plastic dryer balls along with the harsh chemicals within them.
  • Lifetime of over 500 loads, eliminating the need for toxic, disposable dryer sheets.
  • Wool sensitivity safe. Wool and alpaca will not rub off on clothing.
  • Energy-efficient, highly-durable, anti-microbial, and Earth-friendly.
  • Ethically and humanely sourced, no animals are harmed in the gentle shearing of the alpaca wool.
  • More effective than industrial dryer sheets at softening laundry, reducing static, and removing wrinkles with added benefits of reduced dryer time, energy use, and household cost.
  • 100% biodegradeable - plant in garden or compost to release valuable nutrients.
  • Anti-microbial, 100% chemical free. White color is natural, made with no chemical dyes.
  • For added natural scent, when clothes are dry, add 2-3 drops of your favourite dryer safe essential oil to the balls, and then continue to dry clothing with balls for an additional 10 minutes on non-heat, air-dry setting.
  • Will not harm dryer. Will not unravel. Will not stress or strain your clothes.
  • Sustainable fiber. No harsh chemicals are needed to process alpaca as it contains no lanolin oil. Alpacas are easy on their environment with padded feet for minimal soil erosion, as well as efficient digestion and excellent water retention.
  • Planet-protector. Eliminates the harsh environmental effects of disposable chemical dryer sheets. And reduces everyday consumption of household chemicals.
  • The bag of 6 balls comes with a 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton drawstring Muslin Eco Bag that is durable, reusable, and machine-washable. This bag is zero-waste, multi-use, and anti-plastic. It is versatile and multifunctional, suitable for between-load ball storage, as well as a reusable produce shopping bag, and a general storage bag for travel, gym, yoga, beach, work, and home. Made with cotton certified by GOTS, one of the world’s highest organic standards.
  • The balls (and the muslin eco bag) are zero waste, multi-use, durable, reusable, and anti-plastic.
  • The balls are made with high-quality craftsmanship. The balls are built to last. Each ball is felted to its very center.
  • Pokoloko connects small-scale artisans to international markets. We provide long-term sustainable employment opportunities for better lives, and high-quality products you will use and love forever. This purchase generates a reliable income source for the Peruvian ball artisans and their families. We order alpaca balls from them every month.
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    Artisan + Origin

  • The alpaca and wool of these balls are from Peruvian "alpaqueros," which is Spanish for "alpaca farmers." These farmers work in collaboration with a local female artisan cooperative who hand-make the balls one by one. Fairly-traded. Made in Peru.
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    Materials + Care

  • The dryer balls are made from 50% Peruvian alpaca and 50% Peruvian wool.
  • The Muslin Eco Bag (that comes with the pack of 6 balls) is made with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. The care for the Muslin Eco Bag is cold water wash and hang to dry. Do not machine dry as that will cause the bag to shrink.
  • To keep the ball's maximium effect, periodically place each ball in a sock, wash on a hot cycle with detergent, remove ball from sock, dry ball on hot setting.
  • Any natural pilling can be removed; however, this is not necessary as the pills make balls more effective.
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    Size + Fit

  • Each ball is approx. 3" (8cm) in diameter and 9.5" (24cm) in circumference. Given the artisanal make of our dryer balls, please allow for slight natural variations in size, shape and colour; however, any differences should not be noticeable and will not impede the functionality and value of the ball.
  • The box of 3 balls comes with 3 dryer balls in locally-sourced, Canadian-assembled cardboard packaging. Packaging includes instructions for use in English and French. L'emballage comprend des instructions d'utilisation en français et en anglais.
  • The bag of 6 balls comes with 6 dryer balls in a 100% GOTS-certified, reusable organic cotton muslin bag. Instructions for dryer ball use are screen-printed on each bag in English and French. Le mode d'emploi est imprimé sur chaque sac en français et en anglais. The dimensions of the bag are 8” x 10” (20cm x 25cm) with a tare weight of 0.59 oz / 17 gms / 0.03 lbs. Explore more about our Eco Bags here.
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    Q: What are alpaca dryer balls?
    Alpaca dryer balls are environmentally-friendly fabric softeners that replace chemical dryer sheets.
    Q: How do I use alpaca dryer balls?
    Simply place 3 alpaca balls in the dryer, set your dryer, and go! Your clothes will come out soft and dry without the use of chemicals.
    Q: How long will dryer balls last?
    Alpaca dryer balls are effective for over 500 loads of laundry. To ensure the maximum effect, periodically place each ball in a sock, wash on a hot cycle with detergent, remove ball from sock, dry ball on hot setting. Dryer balls are 100% biodegradable. When no longer in use, balls can be planted in the garden or composted to release valuable nutrients into your soil.
    Q: Does it hurt an alpaca to get its fleece?
    Alpacas are not harmed while their farmers shear their wool. In fact, alpaca wool is one of the most ethical fibers available. Farmers take great care to gently shear an alpaca, and then release the animal back to roam freely. Alpaca fiber does not contain lanolin, meaning it does not require strong chemicals to clean it.
    Q: How do I add scent to dryer balls?
    For added natural scent, when clothes are dry, add 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oil to the balls and then dry clothing and balls for another 10 minutes on a non-heat, air dry setting.

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